Parent Guide to Entering a Swimming Event

There are three types of swimming events that your child may have the opportunity to enter:

League Meets - Swimmer invited by their coach to swim as part of a team event. No entry fees required.

Open Meets - Parents to sign up via DDSC Google entry form. We will then enter as a club via the official entry procedure. Entry fees are required and charged per ‘race’ entered. E.g. 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle, 2 races, 2x race fees (set out by organisers).

Qualification Meets - Parents to sign up via DDSC Google entry form as above, swimmer must be able to prove they have the qualification times set out by the event organisers. Speak to their coach if you are unsure. Entry fees required and charged as above. 


NB: All meets recommended to swimmers by the club will have a club representative poolside to support them.

Before the Event

Event deadlines are very important – don’t miss out on the event by missing the deadline. To ensure entries are secured, we need to confirm entries very early.

Understand what you are signing your swimmer up for – read the race entry packs provided carefully to plan your event choices before you complete the DDSC google form. Ask your swimmers coach if you have any questions regarding appropriate events, strokes, distances etc.

Race fees are required for all open and qualification meets – all clubs charge individual race entry fees for events. These are non-refundable so ensure you are confident with your choices before entering. Daventry Dolphins charge a £3 admin fee per swimmer – This is a nominal fee to help support the club. You will receive an invoice for the full amount soon after the event – please pay promptly. 

On the Day

Be organised -  ensure you bring your swimmer to the pool on time. Check the competition pack for warm up timings and directions to the event. Bring the required kit needed (spares are important) – see Competition Advice. 

Fuel your swimmer – make sure they have eaten correctly prior to the event, and have the right snacks and drinks for the duration of the event - see Nutrition Advice.

Look after yourself - swimming pools are hot and humid places. Make sure you are dressed appropriately, and have the required drinks and snacks to ensure you enjoy the event comfortably.

Bring the support – whether you are a  designated driver, spectator, or poolside volunteer, your swimmer needs you to be positive and supportive throughout the day. Whatever the outcome, your swimmer has talent, has worked hard and is there to have fun and succeed! 

And bring extra funds - all swimming clubs rely on additional funds from spectator entry fees to support their clubs, with some possibly hosting raffles for further fundraising opportunities.