Changing Room Policy

(Based on Swim England Changing Room Policy guidelines - Wavepower 2020-23, page 80)

Under the duty of care to safeguard children DDSC has a responsibility for the wellbeing of children in the changing rooms.


  • While a member is training or competing at meets/competitions they are under the responsibility and duty of care of the person who is coaching them at that time.
  • If a member leaves the pool area, the coach or poolside team must be made aware of this.
  • If a member fails to return within a reasonable time, or appears upset upon leaving poolside the coach will request that a suitable club official or volunteer goes to check on them.
  • Where possible, DDSC will send two people to look for the member (the second person may be a senior member or a parent/guardian).
  • If a complaint is received about an incident that has occurred in the changing room between a member of DDSC and any other person, the club will act upon that concern as appropriate, following current Swim England guidance. If the incident involves a member of the public, the club will inform the pool manager.


Information for parents regarding changing facilities

  • Facilities at Daventry Leisure Centre are shared with members of the public as well as club members.
  • During meets, both at home and away, swimming complex changing facilities (including shower and toilet areas) are open to other club swimmers.
  • It is a mixed changing village at Daventry Leisure Centre with both cubicles and a group change area.
  • DDSC has high expectations of its members and requires them to respect other people in the changing room and adhere to its Members’ Code of Conduct (published on TeamUnify), and any behaviour contracts where appropriate. Members are expected to behave at all times in a manner that reflects the good name of the club. This includes:
  • No inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment or physical violence
  • No touching of other members belongings
  • No taking of photographs or video within the changing room of ANY pool
  • Phones to be turned off on entry to the changing room
  • No uploading of any inappropriate or unauthorised images or comments in relation to DDSC members
  • Any concerns regarding changing room behaviour to be addressed to the relevant coach, Team Manager or Welfare Officer (contact details on TeamUnify)
  • It is DDSC policy that parents/guardians are not allowed to enter the changing room at any time either before, during or after a session, unless the member is of an age where help is required (8 years and under), or the member requires specific additional assistance.
  • Parents/guardians will be informed at events where other clubs are involved if the facilities are likely to be open to the general public at any time during the event.

Reviewed - October 2022