Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club Expenses Policy 2022


Daventry Dolphins Swimming Club is an amateur club and non-profit making, with all the income and gain reinvested into the club.

Daventry Dolphins coaching team are both employees and volunteers. They are not renumerated financially for time spent planning training sessions. The club may reimburse expenses to volunteers and employed coaches. Any expenses claimed must represent any actual out-of-pocket expense incurred by a coach.

The club will review this policy periodically and update to reflect any changes that may occur when any motion is put to the committee and the majority vote in agreement.

Travel Expenses

Any claims for a travel by car, motorbike or bicycle will not require receipts and will be calculated on a mileage basis in accordance with the current HMRC Approved Mileage Rates: see table below

From tax year 2011 to 2012 onwards

First 10,000 business miles in the tax year

Each business mile over 10,000 in the tax year

Cars and vans










All mileage claims for competitions, galas, and open meets will be approved by the Club Treasurer. The journey will be from either Daventry Leisure centre or your home address, whichever one is nearest to the host venue and return and will be calculated using the AA route Mileage calculator | AA (theaa.com).

Coaches may only claim mileage if they do not have a child/swimmer competing at that meet (this includes coaches that compete).

Parking fees will be reimbursed on the production of a valid receipt, only where it is incurred as an additional expense whilst travelling on club business.

Parking fines will not be re-imbursed unless there are exceptional circumstances, and this will need to be approved at the discretion of the Club Treasurer.

Taxi travel is not permitted.

Missed Swim Session

Coaches who pay monthly pool swimming fees will not be able to attend certain sessions if they are coaching them.

Coaches can claim re-imbursement of £1.75 per pool swim session missed through coaching duties or a discounted monthly fee at the discretion of the club treasurer.

Holiday Cover

In accordance with our club insurance policy all coaching sessions must have a Swim England Level 2 teachers/coaching qualification to run a session independently. The club should have a copy of the certificate on record.

Volunteers who agree to cover a paid coach’s session can claim an hourly rate of £10.65, the club secretary/treasurer should be notified in advance.

All claims should be submitted to  [email protected] on an expenses form by the 10th of the following month in time for the next payroll run.


The coach may claim a per diem amount of £45 per day, £15 per session. A session is from the start of the competition until the last swimmer has raced, been debriefed, and has completed a swim down.

Mileage can be claimed in line with HMRC as above if all criteria is met.

The club will pay for the coach’s accreditation/coaches passes.

National Level Competition

In agreement a with the officers of the club a coach may be appointed to attend National level meets in advance.

If the Treasurer deems this not to be in the best financial interest of the club and its members, the club will endeavour to collaborate with our local affiliated clubs and performance club to support and provide a coach for our swimmers in advance of the competition.


May be provided to those who have more than 2 hours travelling time from their home and need to commence their role earlier than 9.00am on the days for which they are required.

Prior agreement must be sought from the Treasurer before booking. The club will reimburse up to the value of 50% of the cost of a room and you must be able to demonstrate to the Treasurer that the cost of the overnight accommodation is reasonable for the area.


On a case-by-case basis and if agreed in an advance, a Judge 1 or higher who attends a meet to fulfil Daventry Dolphins quota for officials but does not have a child competing at that meet may claim mileage at the current rate.

General Expenses

Any expenses incurred, exclusively, and necessarily will be reimbursed for the actual cost of the expense incurred. The club committee must approve the boundaries of these in advance.

Conditions not Covered by this Policy

A policy cannot contain examples of every instance where it may apply, individuals should consider the contents of this policy and apply the principles and examples therein to reach a conclusion. Any claim for reimbursement may be permitted at the discretion of the Committee where there are extenuating circumstances and in line with club constitution.

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April 2022

New Policy introduced to reflect committee changes applied from meeting 23.03.2022

Committee approval 11.05.2022

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