Checklist and Guidance for Galas and Events

Swimming Costumes/Jammers

You may need more than one, think of warm ups and all sessions if the competition programme is over a whole day.


Several if you are to get properly dry after each event. You must keep as warm and dry as possible between swims. A chamois is a good investment if you wish to save on towels.

Club Swimming Hat

Swimmers are required to wear a DDSC black competition hat at any external events. Speak to your coach if you need a replacement. 


Purchase goggles that fit properly. They should not be too tight and be the right size and shape. If they slip off it is either because the plastic is too low at the back of the head or the eye pieces are too large. A spare pair is essential when you are attending a gala. 

Pool Clothing (is also very important)

Wear a tracksuit or t-shirt and trousers and pool shoes. You spend time warming up the body so do not sit around in wet clothing (remember spare costumes) as this will chill those warm muscles. Feet, especially when cold, can get cramp. It can be painful and embarrassing if you have to be pulled out of a race.


It is essential you prevent dehydration in the hot atmosphere of a swimming pool. At least 1 litre of water either with fruit juice or a high energy supplement should be drunk every 2 hours. Try the 'wee' test to check on your fluid levels. Your wee should be clear or pale in colour, if it is yellow or very dark then you are starting to dehydrate and must have more fluid.


Eat high energy carbohydrate foods only whilst competing. Wholemeal breads and rice and pasta are excellent. Also malt loaf, raisins, bananas and cereal bars. Raw jelly is also good post-warm up.

Avoid anything with a high fat content such as chocolate and cheese, and stay away from foods with a high salt content such as crisps and salted nuts.


  1. Stay with your Team Manager or Coach at all times. If you have to leave poolside, e.g to go to the loo, you must inform them.
  2. Check the programme or team sheet when your events are.
  3. Report to the Coach when directed by the Team Manager/Poolside Support before your event for last minute instructions and again after your event for an analysis of your performance.
  4. Do your best and get the opinion of the coach. Even if you don't win or PB it may be that you have achieved a significant improvement in your event. Your coach will be able to advise you on what improvements you can make next time.

Don't forget: You have talent, you have worked hard and you have acquired skills. SO HAVE FUN!