Land Training


Watch and be inspired by these dryland workout exercises conducted by a member of the United States Swim Team

DDSC Land Training to prepare for competition

Practise this warm up routine to mobilise your body for racing!

Warm-Up 15 Minutes

Skipping (5 minutes - practice different techniques)


  1. High Knees 15 seconds
  2. Heel Flicks 15 seconds
  3. Speed steps 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off - repeat 3 times

Streamline Jumps - touch the floor before doing the following:

  1. Pike (Stream line)
  2. Star Fish (Star Shape)
  3. Nemo (jump down to press-up position and complete 2 press-ups)

Squat Jumps x 15

Jumping Jacks x 15

Spotty Dogs x 15

Mobilising and Exercising Each Muscle Group

Neck / Upper Torso

  1. Sitting upright, straight back or standing - tilt head back and forth touching chin to chest
  2. Turn head side to side, looking straight ahead -  keep slow and controlled
  3. Hands behind head – rotating left & right


  1. Arm circles – small circles - increasing to medium - to large - medium - small
  2. Monkey arm swings (shoulder tapping side to side)
  3. Arm swings across the body extending as far as possible
  4. Tricep stretch

Shoulders (all x 10)

  • Scapular shrugs – Kneeling on all fours push up and work shoulders in isolation
  • Lying on front - Reverse Angels
  • Cat pose (on knees, stretch back over feet with arms out in front) – side to side
  • Sat upright, knees bent, stretch arms behind and gradually move your arms backwards.

Lower Back (all x 10)

  • Angry Cat (back arch up) - Happy Cat (back arch down)
  • Superman - raise your arms and legs 4-5 inches off the ground - hold for 5 seconds
  • Knee to floor stretch (on back with arms flat on floor, swing knees side to side)
  • Knee to floor stretch with leg extended
  • Knee to floor stretch with arms stretching the opposite direction

Glutes & Legs

  • Plank & lift back leg straight - on elbows or hands (alternate) x 5 each leg
    • …….Or on all fours and lift leg at the back straight
  • Pike position and lift each leg as high to the ceiling as possible (alternate)
  • Bridges (Hip raises with arms streamlined above head)
  • Side lunges - praying pose keeping a straight back and control x 5 each side
  • Arms up streamlined & 90 degree squat x 10
  • Single leg flexion (stretching your hip flexors) - hold for 20 seconds each side


  • Diamond press up
  • Chest expansions - swing arms out wide extending back
    • Or assisted by the wall or person
  • Chest squeeze – press hands together forcefully - breathe in for 10, out for 10


  • Plank (elbows or hands - straight body like a shelf) 30 seconds
  • Plank / Shoulder and elbow taps as many as you can do
  • Side to side plank - 5 each side controlled
  • Opposite elbow to opposite knee
  • Flutter kicks (on back, hands under bottom if more comfortable) 3 x 20 seconds