At Leicester Sharks, we pride ourselves on our core valuesThese are: 



  • 'We show respect to all of our coaches, volunteers, officials, centre staff and fellow athletes'
  • No matter how we feel, we greet all poolside personnel at the start of every session and we are always courteous in thanking them for their time.





  • 'We take responsibility for our own journey. We do not look for excuses.'
  • We do not take the easy route, we appreciate our parent's efforts in allowing us to participate in the sport, we don't expect them to hold our hand to the end of the journey.




  • 'While we may race alone, we cannot win alone'
  • We are all Sharks, we celebrate each other's successes, and support each other through tough times.



In addition to the 3 core values of Leicester Sharks as a whole, each individual squad will have its own 2 squad values relevant to where they sit on the aquatic journey.


All of our #SharksFamily contributing to these core and squad values is what drives us to develop and progress towards success in and out of the pool.