All athletes are expected to wear essential Leicester Sharks CSC club kit at all times when representing the club.

Club kit can be found HERE.  

The shop for club attire will be open all year round, with no specific closing date. 

Personalised Club hats can be found HERE. Shop windows will be open on the 12th August, 1st November, 1st February and 1st April for 10 days each window. Non Personalised hats can be purchased in house, please contact [email protected] 

Listed essential kit is demonstrated below;


                 T-Shirt                                                                  One Hoodie (Zip Up or Pull Over)                                                      Swim Hat




One Pair of Bottoms (Joggers, Pro-Shorts, Shorts or Leggings) 


Should you have any queries on Club Attire, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Merchandise Officer.