Want to be a Shark?

If you are brand new to Club Swimming and you are interested in getting involved, please book your free trial today!

Book your free swimming trial at Leicester Sharks today.

What happens at a swimming trial with Leicester Sharks?

Swimmers: During the 20-30 minute swimming trial, swimmers will be invited to show the coach their current swimming skills. At the end of the session, the coach will give feedback and make a recommendation based on their performance.

Parents: During the trial, parents/guardians will meet with a representative from the Leicester Sharks Committee who will give a short talk about the club. 


Do you need to be a certain ability/age to apply for a trial?

It is incredible how many athletes delay or are nervous about applying for a trial with a club, because they do not believe they are yet good enough. Our advice is always, why not try? You do not lose anything, and often, if there is still some development which can be gained by waiting, we can communicate this directly with your current swim teacher and this process can be accelerated! 

It is important to remember that every Olympic athlete, lifelong masters swimmer, budding triathlete or University team captain started where you are now. Our club is all about LEARNING and DEVELOPING. No-one is the finished article when they first step through our doors at Leicester Sharks and everyone is trying to learn, have fun and improve!

For peace of minid however, our Pups squad is typically targeted at young boys and girls in Stages 6 & above at their local swimming lessons, aged between 6 - 10 years of age. If you are not yet at Stage 6, but still wish to join, our Learn to Swim (Stages 1-5) section is generally targeted at young boys and girls between 4yrs - 8yrs of age. 


If you are older than the targeted age bands, does that mean I cannot apply?

Absolutely not. At Leicester Sharks, we recognise that everyone develops at different paces. We want to ensure everyone has the capability of getting involved in this fantastic sport.

We have a multitude of squads where interested and excited young swimmers may be able to get involved at the club, but even if we felt that an older athlete may not enjoy their time in a specific squad because their peers may be younger, we have many contacts around the area where they may find it more fun and suitable to their ambitions in swimming.


The bottom line is, there is NO DOWN SIDE to booking a free trial, as we are all passionate in the belief that this great sport can bring so much to a child's life! Book your free trial. Please ensure you provider your child's name, age and whether they have had any previous swimming experience.


For information about our squads, please click this link.


If your child decides to join the club, and once payment has been received, you will receive Swim England Registration (click here for details) and a login for TeamUnify, the Clubs Management system.


I am already swimming at a competitive club, but I am interested in joining Leicester Sharks C.S.C.?

If you are already an established club swimmer, looking to join one of our performance programme, please feel free to contact our coaching team directly below.

However, we always advise that you inform the coach of your current programme that you are enquiring about a trial at Leicester Sharks. This is demonstrates one of our core values (Respect) and often ensures a smoother transition into your new team.

For any other enquiries, please contact our general enquiries on [email protected]