Want to be a SHARK?

A fun, friendly and forward thinking club. Dedicated to providing our athletes with the tools they need to achieve their ambitions in the sport.
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To enable us to respond to your enquiry effectively please provide swimmers name, age and details on any previous swimming experience.
Our club caters for all swimmers. With squads ranging from 30 minutes to 18 hours of training per week, Leicester Sharks can provide improvement for you! 
A team environment
With friendly, qualified and dedicated coaches, Leicester Sharks CSC is first and foremost, a team. Whether cheering for your teammates at galas, sharing a joke at training or joining an arranged activity outside of training, we know that the best way to improve is together.
Love the water!
Lets face it, there's one thing you always need when you swim, and we love being in it! Splashing around in a pool is always a fun activity, and no matter what your age, you can love being in the pool. It's something you can never be too old or too young for, and at Leicester Sharks, we pass on our passion for swimming to each other and ensure a lifelong love of swimming!
Do you ever watch someone swimming and ask yourself "How do they make that look so easy?!?!?"
Well, here we can teach you how! Our coaching staff take immense pride in their knowledge of technique and take an even greater pride in watching their swimmers learn it. It is something you never stop learning how to improve and we can take you through the simplest basics of swimming through to the most elite level advanced skills you may use to make your stroke as efficient as possible!

Whether you want to improve your own personal best time, win a point for your team, or anchor your relay team to a gold medal, here at Leicester Sharks, we have all aspects of racing on offer. Our team events in the early season provide endless nervous tension for our coaches, swimmers and parents alike, while towards the end of the swimming year, attention turns more to individual racing and an opportunity to test yourself against the best the County, Region and Nation have to offer.