At Leicester Sharks CSC, our aim is to offer opportunities to all from Learn to Swim through to International representation. With multiple squads, across four swim locations and an army of poolside Coaches brimming with experience, enthusiasm and knowledge, your sure to find the right squad to facilitate your needs. 
Before heading to each respective squad, why not check out the Squad Structure which will assist in pointing you in the right direction.
Head here for an overview of the Leicester Sharks CSC Pathway and an understanding as to which squad is suitable for your age and ability.
Our intro level, a place to learn your craft and have fun in the water!
Our introduction to competitive swimming. Two sessions per week available, and the place to start if you want to develop your swimming skills and learn the skills to race.  
This is where any young swimmer can improve the skills they learnt at Pups level, should they not desire to commit to four sessions per week immediately.
Our Competitive squad is designed for any athlete who is looking for a consistent and comprehensive training programme, but without the commitment of multiple training sessions.  
An opportunity for athletes to choose their sessions, given the option of up to four sessions per week with a permanent coach to help our swimmers develop to achieve their personal goals.
The place to start your journey as a competitive swimmer. Four sessions per week available, and technical expertise handed out from our coaching team.
Where it all starts to become serious. Our Development Performance 2 athletes will be perfecting those skills learnt with the ambition to become to next household name.
The place our young starlets learn their ethics, how to train and hone their skills in order to mount an assault on their competitors.
Moving on to the 
final step in Age Group swimming, here athletes will fine tune those race preparation skills, and build on the strong foundations learnt in the programme before the move to Performance 2. 
Our elite level squad. Seven sessions and 14 hours of training, athletes in this squad are the cream of the crop and our highest competitors. The pool is their second home and racing is their fuel.