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Training Performance 1 & 2

 Day  Time  Location
 Monday  05:15 - 07:00  Wigston Pool and Fitness
 Monday  18:30 - 20:30  Leicester Grammar School
 Tuesday  05:15 - 07:00  Enderby Leisure Centre
 Tuesday  18:30 - 20:30  Leicester Grammar School
 Wednesday  19:00 - 21:00  Wigston Pool and Fitness
 Thursday  05:15 - 07:00  Enderby Leisure Centre
 Thursday  19:00 - 21:00  Wigston Pool and Fitness
 Friday  19:00 - 21:00  Lutterworth Sports Centre
 Saturday  06:00 - 08:00  Wigston Pool and Fitness


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#Determination       #Humility




At the pinnacle of our squad system is our Training Performance Squad. Athletes in this squad are some of the most dedicated and determined people in the region. In a county with such a strong reputation in sport, Leicester City FC and Leicester Tigers RFC leading the charge on a national and global level, our Training Performance Programme is determined to carry this success into swimming. 

Our Training Performance squad have access to 9 sessions (17 hours) of training per week, including 3 hours of land based training, as well as a planned Training Camp during the season to unite them as a team and challenge them as individuals. They are the core of our successful National Arena League team, and compete regularly as individuals to challenge their competitors to keep pace with them. 

Under the coaching of Mark McKenna, our athletes are educated in advanced skills and stroke techniques, as well as land based training, race tactics and post race analysis. They are heavily involved in their season planning, with the team working hard to improve as a group and develop into an elite squad of swimmers.


Squad Criteria

Acceptance Criteria

Performance - British Summer Championships Qualifier

Training         - Reach technical swimming and land based expectations

                    - Attendance in previous squad > 90%

                    - Can complete 20x100 - 1:20

                    - Can complete 200m Kick < 3:00

Psychological - Consistently demonstrates our team values

Team            - Demonstrate 100% commitment to team events


Consideration Criteria

Performance   - Qualifies for Regional finals

Training          - Attendance in previous squad > 80%

                     - Can complete 10x100 - 1:25

                     - Can complete 3x200 I.M. - 3.30

                     - Can complete 200m Kick < 3:15

Psychological  - Consistently adheres to our team values

                     - Demonstrates a positive mindset

Team             - Demonstrates 100% commitment to team events


Exit Criteria

Performance   - Qualifies for East Midlands Regional Championships in fewer than 4 events

Training          - Unable to complete relevant training

                     - Attendance < 80%

                     - Shows no demonstrable improvement in training

                     - Demonstrates a negative attitude towards training

Psychological  - Breaches Clubs Code of Conduct

                     - Becoming a negative influence on other athletes in the programme

Team             - Lack of support to team events



​Kit Requirements

Kick Board Pull Buoy Fins Hand Paddles Snorkel
Sponge Pull Band Skipping Rope Finger Paddles Tennis Ball
  Foam Roller 2x Water Bottles Mesh Bag