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Coaches and Directors
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Matt Lowe Head Coach

Coach Matt states:

The Leicester Sharks role is an opportunity for me to be that Coach on a full time basis, and is something I just had to go for. We have enormous potential as a club, and by realising that potential as a team, we can achieve best outcomes for our members as individuals. We have great pool time, committed volunteers, a strong committee and an experienced and knowledgeable coaching team.

My coach inspiration is not a Swimming Coach, but an American Football Coach called Vince Lombardi (who the Superbowl trophy is named after).

I would like us to remember some of his quotes as a club:

* Individual commitment to a group effort. That is what makes a team work.
* Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.
* The only place success comes before work is in a dictionary.

Jordan Chappell County Development Lead Coach



Darwin Davies Competitive Lead Coach

Learn to Swim Lead Coach

Competitive Lead Coach

Darwin started his journey as a swimming coach just over 10 years accident!

It was all down to one man who was teaching his son to swim competitively whilst at Enderby Swimming Club. Hugh Darlington was a senior Coach for ESC who was on a recruitment drive one Sunday evening whilst James, Darwin's son, was training.

Darwin sat there playing games on his PSP (those old enough will know) and relaxing when Hugh popped up and started talking to cut a long story short, he asked Darwin if he would like to start volunteering for the a coach...Darwin's immediate reaction was to laugh! " I'm not a competitive swimmer" Darwin said...his words remain with Darwin to this day..."I don't want you for that, I want you for you" Hugh said.

Darwin agreed, and the following week he ended up poolside for the first time shadowing one of the coaches, his name was Guy Worrow, whoever that was? Anyway, Darwin introdued himself and told him he knew nothing about swimming and BOOM a fantastic coaching partnership and friendship ensued.

Darwin watched, listened, researched and was mentored by Guy, just as he is today...every day is a school day. Enderby Swimming Club went from strength to strength and with coherent leadership, positioned itself as one of the most successful clubs within the region. He was an active committee member, brand manager, volunteer coach and not forgetting being the parent of a successful county/regional swimmer. He's also proud to say that he was part of the steering committee who brought Enderby and Lutterworth Swimming clubs together to form Leicester Sharks. The vision was always to create an alternative elite swimming club with more strength and depth than those close to us....a job well and truly done.

Darwin was appointed brand manager again where he developed a strong, clear logo and brand to back up our intentions in the pool, he still get's goose bumps when he is present at gala's, open meets or club championships when they are all Shark'd up!

Darwin has worked his way through and up various junior and senior squads over the years, Darwin thinks the biggest turning point was the taking over of one of Leicester Sharks senior squads. His own remit was really simple, to bring order and quality coaching to a squad that needed leadership and direction.

Fast forward a few seasons, Darwin is now a level 2 coach, selected as a County Skills Coach and was recently awarded runner up as Coach of the Year. He heads up 3 squads that train side by side in one form or another, each adhering their own goals and values, whilst maintaining that all important team spirit. They surprise him every session, their progression and needs push him to take them that step further all the's self perpetuating. Safe to say, these guys are now his world and they strive together.

The journey continues....oh, there's a small thing to say about our, successful Learn to Swim programme but that's got it's own section on the website, go check it out.


Steve Hatfield Pups Coach

Pups Lutterworth Lead Coach

Steve Hatfield is our lead coach at Lutterworth for the Pups and helped by his daughter Lucy who has her level 1 and occasionally by his other daughter Emily who has her level 1 & 2.

Lucy swam for Lutterworth Swimming Club and then for Leicester Sharks before moving into the coaching role with Steve.

Emily took her swimming further by progressing onto regional qualifying times where she achieved silver medal in the 200m Butterfly at the age of 9,also qualified for the open water national finals where she came 6th.

Steve is one of our volunteers who wanted to help on poolside so started his coaching pathway in 2010 when he took his level 1 teacher/coaching course in Nottingham,and then in 2012 took his level 2 Teacher/coaching course at Enderby, Steve has been part of Leicester Sharks from the beginning and has seen the club grow to what it is now, Steve has also taken his J1 in timekeeping plus his poolside rescue and more recently become President of Leicester Sharks. Steve has seen many of our older athletes past and present grow from that shy little child coming onto poolside to confident young people and Steve says that’s his reward/satisfaction from his coaching. Steve's own sporting background was in the form of flat green bowls where he started at the age of 13 being taught by his dad who himself was a bowls coach at Lutterworth Bowls Club which is actually next to the Lutterworth Leisure Centre, there he won all competitions and so moved to Narborough Bowls Club where he continued this success this time winning the two wood triples and also reaching the National’s in the Rinks (4 people) and the Triples, Steve also gained his county badges in both indoor and outdoor.Steve also played for the under 25’s where he was Captain and also received an England trial. Steve has seen many of our older athletes past and present grow from that shy little child coming onto poolside to confident young people and Steve says that’s his reward/satisfaction from his coaching.

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