Edenbridge Piranhas Swimming Club

Chair - Bruce Robertson

Bruce has been Chair of Piranhas since  2015. Bruce is also a qualified starter and stroke judge, and has two daughters at the club

Email: [email protected]


Treasurer— Jenny Christopherson

Jenny joined the committe as Treasurer of Piranhas in 2020. Jenny also has two daughters at the club.

Email: [email protected]

Secretary— Sueli  Bennett

Sueli has been Secretary of Piranhas since  2018. Sueli also has a son at the club

Email: [email protected]

Membership Secretary  -  Amanda Hepburn

Amanda has been a member of the club since 2006 and  Membership Secretary of Piranhas since  2009 and has a son at the club at University.


Gala / Memebrship Secretary  -  Melissa Kay

Melissa Kay has been Gala Secretary of Piranhas since  2019. Melissa also has a son at the club.

Email: [email protected]

Member — Paul Hilditch

Paul has been Member of Piranhas committee since  2019. Paul is also a volunteer coach, is a masters and open water long distance swimmer and has a son at the club also.

Member — Jason Innes

Jason joined the committee as a parent member in 2020 and has two sons at the club. He is currently working towards a Swim England Judge Level 1 qualification.

Welfare Secretary — Julie May

Julie joined the committee as welfare secretary in 2020, she has a son swimming at the club.

Email: [email protected]