As a club we aim to recruit and train a number of officials who can then be available to help at the galas we run and attend as a club. Having qualified officials is crucial to swimming. Without them, meets cannot be licensed and swimmers' times not will not be officially recognized. Additionally, it will often be a condition of the meets we enter as a club that we provide a certain number of officials, so by becoming qualified you can directly help our swimmers.

There are several grades of licensed officials, ranging from timekeeper through to referee. More information on the levels and requirements can be found on the ASA website. The training is a combination of theory and practical experience where you will be mentored by fully qualified officials.

If you would like to join our existing team of officials, please email us for details - we would be delighted to hear from you. It really does make a difference for our swimmers and, from experience, those who sign up find it's a rewarding way to spend time at meets. 

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Surrey Swimming Officials

ASA Officials



Emilia Esanu 1513955

Tash Duggans 1312812

Rob Poole 1669330

Nikki Kemp 1669331

Paul Giltrap 1490167

Lucy Woollacott 1671734


Judge 1 in training

Sam Newby  1490169

Marek Lis 1643688

Russel Dicks 1638339

Holly Young 1625500

Rosalind Fear. 1625495

Alex Smith 1638328


Judge 1

Philippa Baker 1495438

Alan Lawrence  1118240

Sarah Lawlor  1303824

Liz Beckingham 1303823

Pamela Watts 1638338

Louis Van Zyl  1625496


Judge 2 in training

Dimitris Dernikas 1266285


Judge 2

Carlo Nebuloni 1361603

Sue Ladell  1236236 (starter training)

Oliver Hasselwander 1280903



Amanda Partridge 814719

Tom Antist   27256


Team Managers

Sam Newby

Paul Giltrap

Emilia Esanu

Philipa Baker

Liam Wilson

Chris Howarth

Tim Lambert 

Louis Van Zyl 

Dee Smith 

Mehmet Shoukru