Lis Hartley gala in K2 Crawley

Comms at EDSC

Lis Hartley Gala 23&24 September


Great weekend of swiiming at the Lis Hartely gala at the lovely K2 venue.

The swimmers were on form with many PBs which was impressive for start of the season, and scooped a number of medals:

8 Gold

17 Silver

14 Bronze


It would be amiss of me not to mention the treat they had - star wars and a few other comic con characters really surprised and delighted out swimmers and made an appearance and they were excited to be part of the action.


Thank you to Tom and Sadie for their support and comitment on the day

Special thanks to the TMs, officials and volunteers from EDSC who helped make this happen.

Official photos can be found here : crawley swimming - Ben Davidson (

More photos: