Open Water Swimming

EDSC Admin

In the Government announcement on Sunday 10th May it was stated that Open Water Swimming is now permitted. However at this stage EDSC cannot support or organise any return to open water training.There are a number of reasons for this:

  • Social distancing restrictions remain in place.
  • As Swim England have also stated, regarding open water swimming: ‘no club activities should be taking place at this time’ this is because the government activities do not permit organised groups to exercise together. 
  • At this stage we are not covered by our insurers for any club based swimming activities.
  • Many venues remain closed and therefore cannot provide the right safe environment.

We will look to restart open water training when club activities are allowed, and when we and our insurers are satisfied we can do so in a safe environment.

Covid-19 is not the only danger to life from Open Water swimming. All risks including those we normally mitigate in our planned sessions need to be considered before swimming in open water. We encourage you to wait until we are able to organise a safe environment for our swimmers. 

If you are considering Open Water Swimming as individuals then we highly recommend you read through the Swim England advice and the linked information booklet which provides comprehensive guidance:

Extract from a joint Swim England + RLSS Statement:

"Whilst open water swimming is permitted by the government, you should ask yourself whether you think it is a socially responsible thing for you to do; due to the inherent dangers, increased risk and pressure that this may cause the NHS and emergency services. Certainly, if you are new to open water swimming, we don’t advise that you go open water swimming outside of an operated and supervised venue which has a safety crew (many of these are not open currently)."