Minimum Age: Girls 12 Boys 13




Attend min 5  training sessions a week and land training regularly

Complete 10 x 200 FS off 3:15 10 x 100m FS off 1.35, 10 x 100 IM off 2:00, 20 x 50m FS off 50.00

Participation in Club Championships, County (have at least one QT on 200 event) and Regional Championships (if selected or when QT achieved), Arena League (if selected). Open meets should be entered on coach’s recommendation only - swimmers are expected and encouraged to attend open meets appropriate for their age and development level



Swimmers will work on developing their aerobic capacity and further skills improvement on a more professional level, so discipline, commitment, dedication, and thrive to excel is required.


Develop and improve stroke technique on all four strokes

Learn more complex stroke drill progressions for all the four strokes

Continue to develop competitive starts, turns and finishes on all four strokes and IM turns and relay takeovers

Independently monitor training by using a pace clock

Develop goal setting for training and competitions

Maintain a personal logbook of competition results

Update, learn and understand competitive swimming rules

Develop stretching and core body strength work

Take responsibility for training equipment required at each training session (pull buoy, drink bottle and fins, goggles).