Coaches will use several different criteria to judge when a child is ready to move up and although technical ability and speed do play a part, there may be other considerations such as dedication (often judged by attendance), ability to listen and take on board instructions and demonstration of a positive attitude. You may also find that your child stays in a group for a considerable length of time and 12- 24 months in one group is not unusual. All children develop and grow at different times, so it is important that parents don’t judge their child against another, who may be developing in a totally different way.

When starting to consider the transitioning of a swimmer, the Coaching team will be looking at these main factors;

  • The swimmers attendance, which will be close to 100%
  • The swimmers will be leading his/her current group in a range of different sets and without forcing their lane position.
  • The swimmers will be able to fulfil the vast majority of the criteria from the squad above
  • The swimmers will have the commitment, maturity level and listening skills of the higher squad

If you wish to find out where your child is in relation to the next squad first look at the squad criteria for that squad and then ask their coach if you are unsure of what they still need to work on.

Please remember that the coaches’ decision is based on the best interests of the child, their swimming and fairness of all swimmers. Unfortunately, we are not able to move children based on convenience of the session times for the parent. Please understand that the coaches’ decision is final.