Poolside Conduct - Swimming

This set of rules defines what acceptable behaviour on poolside is. By following these rules you will have a positive effect on your swimming and on your relationships with your peers and coaches, you will also earn the respect of those around you.

Remember you are part of a team of swimmers, parents, officials and coaches; support your team members and everyone involved in swimming at Team Waveney will experience enjoyment and success in their chosen sport.

Whenever you are on poolside the coach has full responsibility for all aspects of your training and behaviour. It is the coaches, and ultimately the Head Coaches responsibility to ensure that the items listed in this code are adhered to. The elected executive committee of the club, to whom they are responsible, give the coaches this authority.

Responsibility - You should remember that the coach is in charge of all aspects of the training session or competition. The coach's decision is final on matters affecting performance and attitudes on poolside.

Attitude - You should attend all training sessions and competitions with a positive 'can do' attitude

Respect - At all times show respect to the feelings and actions of other swimmers and coaches. Respect is a two way process you have given respect as well as earn it

Termination - Any swimmer whose behaviour is unruly, negative, and aggressive to others or who uses abusive or derogatory language will be instructed to leave the session or poolside by the coach

Direction - Once at training or competition you are under the coach's direction, you must follow the training set or directions as given. If you can't do the session or race you will be asked to leave

Attention - Ensure you are listening to the instructions and directions given by the coach and that you follow them. If you are unclear ask

Punctuality - You should be on poolside 15 minutes before the start of any training session (when the pool opening times allow this) or before the warm up time for the competition, ready to swim, with all necessary equipment.

Injury - If you have or an injury you must advise the coach before starting the training session or competition. The coach will decide if the session is appropriate or if it can be modified, or if you are fit to race.

Completion - If you are unable to complete the session as given, the coach will at his discretion adjust the programme, ask you to move to a slower lane or ask you to leave the session

Attendance - Do not leave the lane or poolside without advising your coach

Purpose - You are in the water to train or race, so do not distract other swimmers from focussing on successful completion of their training program or race

Discipline - In training ensure you follow good lane discipline: leave at correct intervals, swim at the instructed pace, take the correct rest, and allow faster swimmers to move past you without holding up the lane

At all times

You are representing the Team Waveney Swimming Club to other swimmers, spectators, coaches and officials. The standard of your behaviour should therefore reflect the standards that the Club expects.

The Club will not tolerate bullying in any form.

Members are expected to behave politely and in an orderly manner. Abusive or threatening language or behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Swimmers should promptly obey the instructions of coaches and officials of this club and others.

Obey any instructions given by changing room stewards, who will also help you if you have a problem. In the changing rooms and the shower areas behave in a quiet, orderly and responsible manner.

Swimmers must not be on poolside until a coach or official is present, unless a coach or official gives permission.

All members must act in a way so as not to endanger their own health and safety or that of others. Never take glass objects onto poolside.

Respect the property of the pool providers and other swimmers. Responsibility for personal belongings is with the individual concerned, not with the Club (e.g. money, jewellery, clothing etc.)

Never take computer games onto poolside.

At galas do not wander off to be with parents or supporters but remain with your team and your team manager. Do not leave poolside to change without permission from your coach or team manager. It is expected that all team members will stay to support the last race.

Support and encourage everyone in your team and in your Club. Members should behave in a "sporting" manner at all competitions. Accept winning or defeat gracefully. Do not make excuses for poor performance. Show sportsmanship at all times.

Respect the environment and either place all rubbish in receptacles provided or take it home with you, including the time that you are on Club transport.


When traveling on Club transport or transport provided by the Club.

Comply with any instruction from the coach driver, assistant, coach or official.

Remain seated, using correctly fastened seat belts. Do not interfere with any safety equipment. (E.g. handles, switches, alarms, extinguishers, etc.)

When traveling with the Club to special events, such as a training camp, an additional Code of Conduct applies and will be issued before traveling.