With our return to the pool just around the corner, we have put together this page of fun fitness challenges and activities for you all to do, individually and as a household.

These are great ways to get your fitness up to speed for when we return and a good way for families to come together and try out some fun games against each other.



We have had a few requests to carry on February’s ‘Fish out of Water’ challenge. So, have brought this back for March, but slightly scaled down to make it more competitive. This month’s events are:

  • Star Jumps in 1 minute
  • 5k Run
  • 10k Bike Ride
  • Sit Ups in 1 minute
  • Press Ups in 1 minute

Email you results to [email protected]

The results from February can be found HERE



Why not have a family challenge of Fitness Snakes and Ladder, click HERE for the fitness version of the popular board game.

Tip – To make the game longer and more challenging, increase the number of times you must complete the board, before you win.



A fitness challenge using UNO cards to select what activity you will do next, details HERE.

For those who do not have UNO cards, use the YouTube random UNO cards HERE.

Before you start decide how many cards you will turn over for each time.



Through the month of March, how many peaks can you reach, full details HERE.

Maybe challenge everyone else in your home, to see who can reach all the peaks first.



Don’t forget we have our Pilates sessions for you to also do, why not try one a week through March, to help get you ready for our return.

Session 1 Total workout - HERE

Session 2 Leg Workout - HERE

Session 3 - Core Workout - HERE

Session 4 - Upper Body - HERE