Welcome to the new Home Training section of our website. This has been brought in at a time where we are unable to get access to a swimming pool, but going forward this page will be used as away to help those who are unable to make their pool training or are coming back from illness or injury.

It is key over the coming weeks for our members to keep up their fitness and bring some routine into these challenging times. Hopefully following some of what we are sending you and producing on this page will not only keep you physically healthy but also your mind active.

We will be setting a recommended program for each squad, it is down to you how much you wish to follow this program and at what level. Remember though, if you are not feeling great and have symptoms of the virus, please rest and recover first.

PHYSICAL CONDITIONING - Use it or lose it:

What this means is the energy systems, muscles, tendons and movement patterns that are not trained, will become detrained. The old adage "Use it or lose it" is very sensible advice and particularly relevant at this stage of the COVID-19 crisis where training facilities have gone into lockdown. 

We can think simply across 3 areas of training - Cardiovascular Fitness, Muscular Conditioning, Swimming specific capacity.


CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS - Replace swimming volume with other Cardiovascular exercise.

Running, cycling, utilisation of home training equipment such as spinners, rowers and cross trainers are all ways to maintaining CV fitness. Start small and build progressively. Although very fit and capable of swimming long distances this does not mean that an achilleas tendon is able to cope in the same way through a long run. 

We are looking for all our swimmers to take part in a physical activity twice a day, for a minimum of 5 days a week. One of these activities should be in the form of CV exercise and this can take place outside, making the most of government advice in the form of a running or cycling where possible. These exercises can be logged and tracked on our clubs Strava:



With one session a day being cardio based for a minimum of 30 minutes, we can work from home more on your core strength.


MUSCULAR CONDITIONING - Strength and conditioning training.

Completing exercise circuits will facilitate high volumes of work across key muscle groups, joints, tendons and skeletal systems. Bodyweight exercises on land although will not match the volume demands of swimming, they will create more intensive stimulus challenging muscular strength to a greater extent.

The internet and social media has gone mad with loads of workouts to do from home, I know some of you will be following things like Joe Wicks in the mornings and I will upload other great athletes you can follow. I will also be putting together some plans you can do over a 5-week period and change these from week to week.

Let us know how you get on via social media tagging us in @teamwaveneysc or send us a message through our Facebook or Instgram page. 

We have put together 3 weekly plans for you to try at home, these will change each week:

Please make sure you stretch and warm up before carrying out a session and stretch out afterwards. Click HERE for some examples, these can also be used poolside when you are next training at the pool.

Basic or Basic 2 – This is a simple one to carry out during the week, no pressure, do what you can, ideal for younger and those coming back from injury or illness.

Intermediate or Intermediate 2 – This is a weekly plan working on different areas of fitness each day.

Challenge or Challenge 2 - This is a weekly plan working on different areas of fitness each day and requires you to record and submit your progress during the week.

Here is Lawrence, showing you how to carry out some of the exercises:




Other fun workouts:

Spell you name work out

Stay at Home Fitness Challenge


SWIMMING SPECIFIC CAPACITY - Full body postural management training methods such as yoga and pilates.

These will never replace the specific fitness qualities of swimming. However, developing from basic to more intermediate progressions and classes, swimmers will implement novel stimulus of postural management and sustained loading across the joints and muscle groups.

YOGA for swimmers, increase your mobility by carry out this session once a week - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVLXc6E9558

Sign up to Free Yoga for swimmers

Jackie our Pilates instructor has put together this session for our swimmers, explaining how to do the movements, great for those new to pilates - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82dldws8LjE&feature=youtu.be




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