Development Pathway – Squad Criteria


Development Squad:

Development Squad is the next step up for swimmers from the Gold Academy.

The Development Squad is for swimmers who want to either compete at levels under County Championships level or just swim for fitness. There is no commitment criteria and swimmers can attend as frequently or infrequently as they like. However, if swimmers want to improve in their skills and fitness then regular attendance is recommended.


Team Waveney Academy Structure

Team Waveney Swimming Club Academy starts with Bronze Academy, which forms an extension to the Everyone Active Lesson program.

New members wishing to join the club from any swim lesson program, do so through the Team Waveney Academy. New swimmers are invited for a trial at the club, trials happen during the first week of each month.

The Academy Program is focused on skills development and development of stamina. In the Bronze Academy Program swimmers are expected to have passed Stage 8 and hold three strokes over 50m, have basic Butterfly skills and be able to hold this stroke over 25m. Additionally work is started on developing basic diving skills.

Swimmers progress to the Silver Academy, once they are able to hold all fours strokes over 50m and are able to carry out basic front crawl and backstroke turns, in addition to demonstrating basic diving ability and basic endurance swimming.

The Gold Academy is the next stop, for those swimmers able to hold three good strokes over 100m and able to hold 50m of good Butterfly technique. In this group swimmers are expected to be able to execute a good understanding of all four turns and competitive starts. Swimmers are also expected to be able to swim 200m Front Crawl demonstrating good technique and turns.

The goal of our Academy Program is to ensure the best development of young swimmers and provide the right platform and foundations for swimmers to progress into higher levels of the club.