Welcome to the Academy

The Team Waveney Swimming Club Academy starts with the Bronze Academy, which forms an extension to the Places Leisure Lesson program. New younger members join the club through the Academy once they have achieved Stage 7 of the Swim England Learn to Swim Scheme.

Swimmer’s progress through the Academy by passing their Bronze, Silver and Gold awards, each time recieving a free certificate and progressing to the next Academy Squad. 

Click HERE for a breakdown of what swimmers need to pass to achieve their awards.


Bronze Academy

The Bronze Academy is the main starting point for the club. Swimmers train once a week for an hour and are usually aged between 7-9 years of age. Swimmers will develop all four strokes to a further level while developing their stamina. They will also learn how to do the basic turns on each stroke and be introduced to competitive starts.


Silver Academy

This squad is the middle phase of the Academy program and this is where swimmers will work in greater detail on technique and stamina and be introduced to pre pool warm ups. The coaches will continually be working to enhance their skills, streamlining and competitive techniques. Swimmers will also get their first taste of novice competitions and take part in the TWST Club Championships.


Gold Academy

This squad is the final phase of our Academy program, swimmers will have good technical skills in all four strokes by this stage and can hold those technical skills over progressive distances. Swimmers can demonstrate good turns and starts and will be entering more competitions if they wish to. Some swimmers may qualify for the County Development Championships at this stage.


What's next?

Once swimmers have achieved their Gold Academy Award, they are ready to progress into one of the Clubs Pathways, depending on where they wish to take their swimming.

If they are wanting to train for fitness and to improve their technique, but not compete they can continue to follow the Development Pathway, if their goal is to see how far they can go in competitive swimming they can progress into the Competitive Pathway.


Want to join Team Waveney?

To join simply click here and complete our sign up form. We will then be in touch with you about what do do next. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Team Waveney Swimming Club.