Parent Volunteers - Non-whites 


Training our parent volunteers is a key part of running a successful swimming club. You will be able to be poolside during galas but you will also be helping to support our Club. 


We know that for some families a regular commitment is just not possible with family life. We know what a premium spare time is and that is why the roles range in time from an hour to a whole weekend, from at home with some organising or on poolside at a meet. Ultimately, any time you have to offer is gratefully received and makes a huge difference to the whole club. 

Please contact our volunteer coordinator Jenifer Borgognoni for any other information or if you want to help out. 




ROLE: To provide a friendly greeting and take payment from spectators and to cash up at end of gala.            


Be prepared to explain to guests why they are having to pay, as for some this may be their first gala and may not be aware of spectator fees. You may be asked where the door money is going (to pay for the pool and anything else goes back to club).

Be prepared to go along balcony and ensure all spectators have paid. Most people are understanding and will pay but if you find yourself being verbally abused then please make Nathan Griffin or Simon Martin aware so it can be dealt with accordingly. 


Warm up Marshalling

Warm up is normally swum continuously in 15-20 minute sets.  There maybe be up to 4 warm ups per swim session. There will be warm up at the beginning of every session.   

When warm up marshalling, you will either have to look at 1 or 2 lanes.  In a 6 lane pool lanes 1, 3 and 5 go in a clockwise direction, and lanes 2, 4 and 6 go in an anti clockwise direction.  Your job is to make sure that the swimmers are going in the right direction and that they also do not bunch up and become too close together.  If a swimmer stops in the pool for any reason (i.e. to adjust their goggles) this should be done at the end of the lane and not half way down.  

If the swimmers are stopped at the end of the pool and are just chatting (not to a coach) then you have to tell them to keep moving as this will cause a “pile up” at the end.  

Five minutes before the end of the warm up session sprint lanes open.  This means the swimmers should exit the pool by either the shallow end (where you will be standing) or via the stairs at the deep end, they should never climb over timing boards to exit the pool.  

When your lane is clear of swimmers, a coach can then set the swimmers off to do one length of the pool, diving in using the starting blocks if they so wish.  After that one length the swimmers must then exit the pool and walk back round to the starting blocks.  


You will be required to man the medal table. You will receive a list of swimmers who have placed and you will need to check they have collected the correct medal. 


Throughout the course of the event you will be required to ensure all volunteers and officials have access to a drink and food if needed. This is expected approximately every 20-30 minutes. 

Swimmer Marshalls 

To ensure the the swimmers are in the correct groups for their heats and they are moving safely to the next area. 

AOE data management 

You will be part of a team that sets up and records the electronic times for each race and swimmer. 

There may be additional roles required such as swim shop, raffle etc.