Charging Policy 2023-2024 




This policy should be read in conjunction with the constitution of City of Peterborough Swimming Club. Any items in italics are copied directly from the club constitution.


4.1    The annual members’ subscription and coaching and squad fees (as applicable) shall be determined from time to time by the Committee and the Committee shall in so doing make special provision for different classes of membership as it shall determine.


4.4     The Committee shall, from time to time, have the power to determine the annual membership subscription and other fees. This shall include the power to make such increase in the subscription as shall, where the Club pays the individual Swim England membership fees to Swim England on behalf of members, be consequential upon an increase in individual Swim England membership fees.  Any increase in subscriptions shall be advised to the members in writing with the reasons for any increase to be reported to the members at the next Annual General Meeting.


Details of all fees can be found in appendix 1.



Club Membership


Membership of the City of Peterborough is secured by paying the membership fee on joining the club or by paying the annual membership fee on renewal of membership, typically in November. 


Where a swimmer joins and the membership fee is paid after 1st May, there will be no annual membership fee taken in the November of the same year.


Where a swimmer is a dual club member, only 50% of the membership fee will apply.


Academy members do not need to pay the Membership fee.



Swim England Membership


All swimmers must be members of Swim England. Swim England membership is vital as this provides insurance, access to competitions and affiliation to regional and county organisations. Swim England, regional and county membership is paid on via by the club in February each year. Swim England membership fees will be charged as part of the February direct debit.


The club will pay for Club Support category Swim England membership for coaches. The club requests that volunteers and officials pay the annual fee (currently £5.50) for annual Club Support category membership (see below).


People become a club member of Swim England through City of Peterborough SC. They do not apply themselves. The COPs membership secretary uses the Swim England Online Membership System (OMS) to register members.



Swim England Club Train membership

This is for individuals who are part of a club and are learning to swim or are swimming at any level within the club network.

It is not for swimmers who compete in open competitions.

Club Train only allows members to compete in level 4 competitions.

This category applies to swimmers who are below the age of 9 years old on 31st December.

Swim England Club Compete membership

Club Compete membership is our biggest category as it is for people who want to compete and be part of a structured competitive pathway.

Club Compete membership allows swimmers to compete in Level 1, 2 and 3 meets, along with county, regional and national competitions.

This category applies to swimmers who are over the age of 9 years old on 31st December.

Swim England Club Support membership

Club Support membership is for anyone involved in a club who isn’t covered by categories one and two, such as volunteers and coaches. The club will pay for Swim England Club Support membership.

Squad Fees 


Squad fees are charged monthly to cover pool hire and salaries. These are charged as a monthly direct debit on, or around the 12th-18th of each month. The fees cover the calendar month in which the payment is collected. 


‘Club’ Category Membership 


The 'Club' membership category is for swimmers who have been members of City of Peterborough over a number of years and now wish to compete or train with COPs for limited periods over the year.  An example of this would be swimmers who are now at university, but want to train with COPs during university holidays. 


The club believes the ‘Club’ category represents good value as we recognise swimmers’ previous contribution and club membership, alongside acting as role models for younger swimmers. ‘Club’ category membership is offered at the discretion of the Head Coach and approved by the executive committee.


The club offers this arrangement in good faith and expects swimmers to treat this arrangement with respect. If the committee feel that this arrangement is abused, then the committee reserve the right to move a swimmer to the regular squad fee structure.


The club recognises that each swimmer’s circumstances may be different, but is unable to offer individual arrangements. To ensure that there is transparency and equity the club offers 2 levels of ‘Club’ Membership:



Club 1: Swimmers who will compete for COPs in league events, such as the National Arena League, have Swim England registration through another club and will not train with COPs. (Basically, a second club registration) 


Club 2: A swimmer who wishes to train periodically with COPs,  but holds Swim England registration through another club. A monthly ‘Club’ squad fee will charged through the monthly direct debit, rather than a one payment as in previous years.


If required, Swim England Membership can be offered through the club, but the cost of this will passed directly to swimmers through the monthly direct debit, in totality as part of the January direct debit.


A breakdown of membership fees for ‘Club’ category swimmers can be found in appendix 1.



COPs can offer registration for overseas swimmers wishing to compete in the UK under a COPs. This will be agreed by the Committee on an individual basis and will be charged accordingly. 



Part Time Swimmers


This category is for members of other clubs who train with City of Peterborough on regular basis for an agreed number of sessions per week with COPs. The maximum number of sessions offered under this arrangement is 3 sessions per week. 


This arrangement will only be offered with the approval of the Executive Committee, Head Coach and partner club.    


Before starting to train with COPs the swimmer will have to pay the COPs membership fee.


The charge for part time swimmers is a monthly fee, dependent on the number of sessions agreed and the squad. 


Fees are charged monthly through direct debit. Attendance must not exceed the agreed number of sessions.


New Members


New members are required to pay the COPs membership fee and the Swim England, regional and county membership fees to join the club. 


For swimmers joining the club between 1st October and 31st December there is a reduced rate of 50% for regional, county and Swim England membership fees.


It is not possible to register new members between 15th December and 15th January, due to the close down period of the Swim England membership system. 



Injured Swimmers 

City of Peterborough SC cannot offer a reduced fee for injured swimmers who are unable to train. This is to hold a space within their current squad. Any membership or Swim England fees due will remain the same over this period of injury.

The coach of any injured swimmer will make regular contact over the period of injury, to offer a suitable training plan (if possible), support and to maintain contact with the club.


City of Peterborough SC does not offer a reduction for siblings.



Outstanding Payments, Notice Period and Resignation

5.1 A member wishing to resign membership of the Club must give to the (Membership) Secretary written notice of his/her resignation. A member’s resignation shall only take effect when this (Rule 5.1) has been complied with.

5.2 The member who resigns from the Club in accordance with Rule 5.1 above shall not be entitled to have any part of the annual membership fee or any other fees returned.

5.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 5.1 above a member whose subscription is more than two months in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned. Where the membership of a member shall be terminated in this way he/she shall be informed in writing that he/she is no longer a member by notice handed to him/her or sent by post to his/her last known address.

5.4 The Swim England Membership Department shall be informed should a member resign when still owing money or goods to the Club. 


Squad fees will be charged for 30 days after the day notice of resignation is received.  This enables the Club to continue to cover already-committed costs of the programme during this period.


Social Inclusion 

4.5 The executive officers have the power in special circumstances to remit the whole or part of the fees, including Swim England membership fees, to address issues of social inclusion.








Appendix 1


Charges for 2023-2024


 (These charges will be reviewed annually)


  1. City of Peterborough Swimming Club Membership Fees


All renewals/registrations and new members joining 



  1. Swim England Membership Fees (based on Jan 2023 amounts, may be subject to change)
    Including affiliation to East Region and Cambridgeshire County organisations.

Club Train


Club Compete 


Club Support



Between 1st October 2023 and 31st December 2023 there will be a reduced rate of 50% for regional, county and Swim England membership fees


  1. Monthly Squad Fees


Monthly squad fees which will be revisited as required by the Exec Committee in line with pool and coach costs:



Total Annual cost

Monthly Squad fee




Age-Group Performance



Junior Performance



Development 1



Development 2






Competitive Plus



Mini Squad 1



Mini Squad 2



Masters and Participation 



‘Club 2 and 3’ Category membership







Squad fees are charged in every month of the year, including August when the programme is generally reduced due to summer holidays.


Competition and event charges


Swim meets and galas are entered via Team Unify. The details of each competition are shared with relevant squads via Team Unify and will include the entry fee for each event. Swimmers decide which events to enter and the cost of any entries are paid through the monthly direct debit to City of Peterborough. 


  1. City of Peterborough Swimming Club, ‘Club’ category membership and fees


Note that this year the club is moving to monthly payments for ‘club’ category membership. 



COPs M’ship Fee

Swim England Fee

Monthly Squad Fees


Club 1 Swimmers who will compete for COPs in National Arena League, has SWIM ENGLAND registration through another club and will not train with COPs
(dual registered swimmer)




(Can be charged, if required)




Club 2 A swimmer wishes to train periodically with COPs, but holds SWIM ENGLAND registration through another club




£120 p/a



  1. Part Time Swimmers


The charge for this category is based on number of sessions per week and squad attended. City of Peterborough SC Membership Fee needs to be paid before starting to swim with the COPs. 


Sessions per week

Monthly fee (Junior Performance and above)

Monthly fee (other squads)