I used to pay fees on a certain date, now I have to pay on the 10th (or thereabouts) of each month, why is this?

Whilst we fully appreciate that this has been challenging for some, we have made this decision based on the systems and processes we have available to us, and more importantly, the time that can be afforded by your Club Volunteers. Your invoices will be produced on the 1st of each month; this will show the charge that will be made 10 days later. Within your invoice you will see squad fees, gala entry fees, gala refunds, plus fees for other events that we set-up within Team Unify. On or around the 10th of that month, you will receive an email confirming how much is to be deducted from your account. Once this has taken place, we then need to manually check off every single account for every single family within Team Unify, ensuring that your new balance is down to zero and ready for the next month. Hopefully you can understand that if we took payments towards the end of the month, we physically wouldn’t have the time or resource to clear down the accounts in time for the following month.

I received an email saying the direct debit amount is £x, but I have no idea of the breakdown, where can I find this?

Your fully itemised invoice can be found within our site. Head to copsclub.co.uk; sign in with your login details; select ‘Billing’; select '£ My Invoices & Payment’ - then click on ‘current invoice totals’ - here you will see all the items that you are being charged for / refunded for in that specific month

Why can't I find the direct debit to COPS on my bank statement?

We use a 3rd party provider to operate our Direct Debit Scheme. The name of this company is GoCardless, and this will be the description of your payment to COPS on your bank statement.

Why are only some of the features of Team Unify on the mobile version of OnDeck, whereas there is more on the website?

The mobile version of OnDeck is the ‘lite’ version of the full Team Unify website, and therefore has limited functionality. You can enter galas, check attendance, look at swimmers best times and many more things using OnDeck, but as yet you cannot view your invoice details - this needs to be done through the main copsclub site 

I forgot to cancel my Standing Order for September, what will happen now?

We will issue a credit on your account for this overpayment, which will reduce the amount that you will be invoiced for in October

Where do the refunds for rejected galas get paid?

Refunds are put onto your invoice, reducing the amount that you have to pay in that specific month

How do we pay for gala, or other events on the website

Entry fees for galas/events are automatically invoiced to your account at the time we close the event.  If we close the event on the 2nd of the month, it will not appear until the following months invoice.

The attendance record for my swimmer is incorrect

If you believe the attendance record for your swimmer is incorrect, please contact the coach responsible for their squad

I don’t know how to use OnDeck  - is there training?

If you log into the OnDeck and click on the 3 horizontal bars top right.  You will be presented with a menu.  If you scroll down and click on Help, you will be presented with an ‘Expert in 5 minutes’ presentation

I don’t know how to use TeamUnify  - is there training?

If you log into TeamUnify, and click on the My AccountàMy Tutorials, this will guide you through the online training for using TeamUnify