Welcome to the City of Peterborough Shop, where you will find all the necessary information and links for order COPS Kit.

Should you require any additional information about the COPS Kit, then please email the Kit Administrator [email protected]

COPS Named Hats Order Window - NOW CLOSED

We have the standard hat types, but we are now also able to offer a 'Long Hair Hat' type for long hair that could be akward to get into a standard swim hat. (Speak to coaches for more info or myself) 

We can also now offer a 'Bullet Hat'. These are for members who are 13 at the end of the year only, please speak to your coaches if you are unsure. 

Please fill out the form and ensure all details on the names are correct. Nick names areb not allowed  

Copy of COPS Named Hats Order 2023 - Google Forms

Please get in contact with [email protected] for any queires. 

COPS Swimming Hats

Unnamed Hats - If you son/daughter requires a non named swimming hat, then the COPS Coaching Team will be able to provide these at a cost of £6.50 per hat.

COPS Clothing

COPS Kit window is currently CLOSED 

To access the COPS Portal for Zeon, please click here

The City of Peterborough Swimming Club clothing is provided by Zeon Sports, who are one of the leading Customised Kit suppliers to clubs within the UK.

Kit is ordered in an 'order window'. When the window has 'closed' (closing date at the top of the order page) kit will then be delivered approx 7 weeks later to COPS.

Kit comes to us in pre made packs for distribution. If you order outside an 'order window', an order will be created but will not be added to the production list until the next window opens.

To order you will need to make an account. You will then be able to see the prices and add items to your basket to purchase.

If you have your kit personalised you will not be able to return it to Zeon if it's the wrong size. We are not provided with samples so please ask your child to try on another swimmers if you aren't sure on the correct size.

You can log onto your account to see what you have purchased it also lets you know when it is processed or shipped.

Any queries on your kit when it arrives should go directly to Zeon please. We are not given any details of who or what is ordered. 


Parents/family and friends supporter Tops - NOW AVAILABLE