Due to Peterborough, Cambs, Lincs and Northants all being put in to Tier 4 COPS will be running all practises online. As of Monday 4th January 2021 COPS Tier 4 programme will be as follows:

Training time-table and links can be found here

Please do join our Strava team page and post your work-outs....together we get better...https://www.strava.com/clubs/copsclub

This training plan will remain in place until Tier change or government policy change.

IN THE MEAN TIME ENJOY THIS TEAM...A positive message from British Swimmings Loughborough National Training Centre athletes...

Thank you to Coach Dave Hemmings and his world class athletes at Loughborough for this amazing message!


-------- SWIMMING ON HOLD -------- SWIMMING ON HOLD -------- SWIMMING ON HOLD -------- SWIMMING ON HOLD --------

RTT - Stage 3.1 - Small Group Swim Session - Whittlesey, Jack Hunt & Regional Swimming Pools

  • Squads Time-table for RTT stage 3.1 in DECEMBER can be found here
  • Practise lane dispersal for each session can be found here
  • COPS Covid Code of Conduct can be found here

Only snorkels, fins and drinks bottles can be brought to the end of the lane during practise in December 2020. Any changes to this will be sent out by email. Please ensure that all kit is cleaned after each session.

Members of the age of 11 years and older are asked to wear a face mask upon entry to Regional and Jack Hunt pool practises. This is in accordance with government guidelines. Parents of members who are 10 or under have a choice in which to allow their child to arrive with or without a face mask on.

All members must observe social distancing guidelines set-out by the government. Any member that feels they may have any potential symptoms of Covid must immediately contact the NHS on 111. Once advice is seeked contact your direct squad coach and inform them on action. The coaching team along with the Covid Officer will take appropriate action with your bubble.