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Training Timetable - week commencing Monday 25th September 2023

Training Timetable Week commencing Monday 25.09.23 With the ongoing pool closure of the Regional pool, we will communicate any necessary changes to our timetable...

By Coach.Ben Negus

National Arena Swimming League team selections now open...

Team selections for the National Arena Swimming League, round 1 are now out. If, you are 10yrs+, please go to the following link:

By Coach.Ben Negus

TRAINING COMMS ERROR - Thursday 31st September

We have just been made aware that the Regional pool will now remain open until Friday 1st September. Which means the Regional pool WILL...

By Coach.Ben Negus

Training Notice - Training rearrangements Aug-September 2023

Training Rearrangements – Period of 31st August – 28th September 2023 Due to Asbestos being found in the Regional Fitness and Swimming Centre, the...

By Coach.Ben Negus

COPS Open Water team make a big splash at the County and Regional Open Water Championships

City of Peterborough (COPs) swimmers delivered some outstanding results at the Regional Open Water Championships at Whitlingham Adventure in Norwich. Not only was this...

By Coach.Ben Negus

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