To join its simple...

Are you 6yrs and over?

We will trial all potential members all ages from 6 years upwards. We even have a masters squad!

Do you have SwimEngland Stage/Level 7 certificate or higher?

We are Cambridgeshire premier competitive swim club and one of the best in Great Britain. We provide advance swimming lessons and swim squads for those budding swimmers stage or level 7 or higher.

Do you want to be part of a great team?

We have a steeped tradition of producing the best from our members.This includes life skills, as well as swim skills. Our members achieve national and international podium, but more importantly go on to be successful, well-managed, well-structured hard working human-beings! Our members are exceptional in the academics and work enviroment as well as the sporting arena. Our sport and team teach the life skills to ensure your child is far more than the average joe!

What we are about...

We do swim training in a great environment with a full-time coaching team, we do strength and conditioning with a top national S&C coaching team, we do psycholgy, we do performance management, we do compassion, we do TEAM!


Contact our coaching team for further details or to arrange a FREE swimming trial. 

Contact Assistant Coach Joe Middleton at [email protected]