COPS Awards and AGM evening a triumph

Coach.Ben Negus

🎉FRIDAY 27th NOVEMBER - What a fantastic awards evening!!! 🎉

Congrats to our winners, but more importantly congratulations to all of our team for your strength, adaptability and growth in the last 9 months.

💙💛Club Champions💙💛 

Male 9yrs & under Club Champion - Lewis Borginoni
Female 9yrs & under Club Champion - Emily Bridges
Male 10yrs Club Champion - Jacob Bacon
Female 10yrs Club Champion - Emma Cushion
Male 11yrs Club Champion - Charlie Rehus
Female 11yrs Club Champion - Anabelle Kett
Male 12yrs Club Champion - Orlando Dearing
Female 12yrs Club Champion - Vanesa Cimermanova
Male 13yrs Club Champion - Mark Krolik
Female 13yrs Club Champion - Megan Donovan
Male 14yrs Club Champion - Josh Martin 
Female 14yrs Club Champion - Millie Pearce
Male 15yrs and over Club Champion - Matthew Rothwell
Female 15yrs and over  Club Champion - Oliver Lee

💙💛Swimmer of the year Awards (SOTY)💙💛

Mini Squad Male of the year - Zachery Piscopo
Mini Squad Female of the year - Aja Tajer
Development 1 SOTY - Alexis Johnson
Development 2 SOTY - Simona Gorochova
Competitive & M&P SOTY - Kirtan Uttakar
Competitive Plus SOTY - Sophie Galjaard
Junior Performance SOTY - Molly Burrows
Age-Group Performance SOTY - Josh Martin
Performance SOTY - Harriet Salisbury 

Most improved Male SOTY - Jamie Peacock
Most improved Female SOTY - Hannah Willis

Male SOTY - George Whiteman 
Female SOTY - Beth Dennis

Volunteer of the year - Emma Walker
Official of year - Caroline Griffin 

#Team #togetherwearestronger 💙💛

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