COPS Open Water team make a big splash at the County and Regional Open Water Championships

Coach.Ben Negus

City of Peterborough (COPs) swimmers delivered some outstanding results at the Regional Open Water Championships at Whitlingham Adventure in Norwich.

Not only was this a regional competition, but also a county level one.

At regional level COPs members won six silver medals and one bronze medal.

And at county level COPs stars collected nine gold medals, seven silver medals and two bronze medals.

Daniel Moyes, Charlie Rehus and Annabelle Kett also performed well enough to qualify for national finals.

Rehus won two gold medals. The other COPs gold medalists were Lewis Borngognoni, Josh Coles, Lexia Smith, Emma Cushion, Moyes, Annabelle Kett, and Ruby Brace.


East Region Championships

1K: 11-12 - Lewis Borgognoni, Silver; 11-12 - Lexia Smith, silver; 11-12 - Amelie Stevenson, bronze.

2K: 13 - Emma Cushion, silver.

3K: 14 - Annabelle Kett, silver.

5K: 13-14 - Charlie Rehus, silver; 17-19 – Daniel Moyes, silver.

Cambs County Championships

1k: 11-12 – Lewis Borngognoni, gold; Amelie Stevenson, silver; Matilda Stokes, bronze; 14-15 – Josh Coles, gold.

2km: 11-12 - Emma Cushion, gold, Lexia Smith, gold, Freya Gyseling, silver; 13- 14 - George Heather, silver.

3km: 13-14 - Charlie Rehus, gold, Annabelle Kett, gold, Molly Burrows, silver; 15-16 - Ruby Brace, gold; 17-19 - Jaia Bul, silver.

5km: 13-14 - Charlie Rehus, gold; 17-19 - Daniel Moyes, gold, Kirtan Uttaker, silver, Jemima Tunes, silver.

​COPs head coach Ben Negus said: “This event was both a great experience for our first-time open water competitors in terms of experience and exposure, but also a great event in terms of performances.

"Seven regional medals and 18 county medals from a team of 19 swimmers is a storming effort and it’s great to have a fresh group of members stamping their swimming abilities on the open water scene.

“We now have an additional three swimmers competing at Summer Nationals in Rotherham in three weeks.”

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