Virtual Race Day Sprintastic

Coach.Peter Brystow

The first ever COPS Virtual Race Day was hosted online on Monday. This was a slight twist on the normal competition of racing; rather than aiming to beat their personal bests, on this occasion the swimmers were aiming to match them. 

68 excited COPS members entered the Sprintastic event, and although they were all at home in their living rooms, many donned their normal race gear to get in to the spirit of the event. Once online, the swimmers were tasked with using self imagery to visualise what their perfect race would look like, this was timed. The top 20 closest to their personal bests were invited to the semi finals where they would repeat the process. Like any big competition, the top 10 then qualified for the final. 

Once in the final, the competing swimmers completed an introductionary 'walk on', and prepped for the biggest race of the shutdown period. 

Our eventual winners were -

VRD Sprintastic Winners
1st Place Isabella Mahoney
2nd Place Zilvinas Simkus
3rd Place Ruby Duncan

Congratulations to everyone that took part.


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