8 to 12 Years Development Meet - 2018

Due to the success of last years 8 to 12 years development meet, we have decided to run this meet again this year.

This is a invitation meet only, and is only open to a maximum of 8 clubs.

This meet is not licenced

The following clubs will be represented in this meet.

Chatteris Kingfishers SC City of Ely SC City of Peterborough SC
First Stroke Godmanchester Kettering Amateur SC Long Eaton SC


For a list of accepted entries, please click here.

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Session Times

  Warm-Up Racing
Session 1 09:00 09:40
Session 2 12:00 12:40


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8 to 12 Years Development Meet - 2017

We hope you all enjoyed your first ever 8 to 12 years development meet.  The purpose of this meet is to introduce the younger swimmers (and parents) to gala, and what to expect when they are old enough to enter Open Meets.

We do hope all swimmers and coaches gained from this meet.

We have published below all the results, including the disqualification reasons.

Heat Sheets - Session 1

Heat Sheets - Session 2

Results - Including DQ 


This meet is not full, The warm-up for session 1 will not commence until 09:30, and Session 2 warm-up will be 12:15.

We expect the gala to finish at approx 14:15.

To reduce the amount of paper we print at these, galas, we are publishing the Meet Programme online, and will print a small amount for purchasing on the day.

To access the Meet Programme, please click here.

For accepted entries list, please click here.