Want to join Berkhamsted Swimming Club?

To join the Club, we need all swimmers to go through an initial Trial Assessment.

The trial  allows the Head Coach to assess the swimmer's' ability against current standards for our Groups 1 to 6.  Where successful, the swimmer is allocated a swim group and further information on the Club's membership is provided.  If not quite at the right standard, the Head Coach will suggest the swimmer joins the Everyone Active or Knox Johnston's Swim Academy to develop the skills required.

Click here to register your interest

  • Existing Accounts, please logon to your account first, then click "Click here to register your interest". You will be asked to confirm family details and start at step 14 (in instructions to the left).
  • Returning Accounts, if all of your family have left the Club and you wish to return, please ask our trials coordinator to have you account reactivated. You will receive a password reset request, complete that process and then logon and follow the Existing Accounts instructions above. 

Contact our trials coordinator at [email protected]