Updated 22nd September 2023

Group Training Schedule

Berkhamsted SC Training Schedule

Please refer to our website, select Swimmers Info followed by Training Schedule for this schedule and those who swim in the available sessions.

Berkhamsted Swimming Club swims at two pools:  Knox Johnston Sports Centre (KJ) and Everyone Active Berkhamsted (BLC)

Note – the times shown here are the times by which you must turn up to the pool, the training session will start promptly 10 minutes later. If a swimmer is not registered and on poolside ready to swim 10 minutes after the designated start time below, they will be turned away.

The only times there is no training or adjusted training times are:  Bank Holidays; the August two week shutdown (see below); pool issues (maintenance/fault); Berkhamsted School galas, or if there are coach availability issues. All members will be advised of any changes via email and News/TeamFeed webpages on our website www.berkosc.org.uk.

Training Schedule from 16th Jan 23


Land Training - every Thursday at KJ Hall 18:00 to 19:00, payments are now due 1st of each month in advance and are currently £15 per month.

Training Schedule



Pre-Booked Only

Academy 1 *

Any 2 sessions

from 3

Academy 2

3 sessions

Group 3 **

Any 3 sessions

from 4

Group 4

4 sessions

Group 5

5 sessions

Group 6

6 sessions

Masters & DTC

Any 2 sessions from 5

except DTC & Masters One



18:35-19:45 (KJ)

18:35-19:45 (KJ)

18:35-19:45 (KJ)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)  








19:05-20:45 (KJ)  



17:20-18:30 (KJ)

17:20-18:30 (KJ)

17:20-18:30 (KJ)

19:20-20:45 (BLC)

19:20-20:45 (BLC)

18:20-20:00 (KJ)

19:20-20:45 (BLC)





17:20-19:00 (KJ)

17:20-19:00 (KJ)

17:20-19:00 (KJ)

18:50-20:30 (KJ)

20:30-21:45 (KJ)


05:50-07:00 (BLC)






  05:50-07:00 (BLC)







07:35-08:45 (KJ)

06:35-08:45 (KJ)

06:35-07:45 (KJ)



16:35-17:45 (BLC)

16:35-17:45 (BLC)

17:35-18:45 (BLC)

17:35-18:45 (BLC)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)

18:35-20:15 (BLC)


Open up & Self Guarded Self Guarded Lifeguard


* Swimmers in Academy 1 are entitled to choose 2 of the 3 available sessions.

** Swimmers in Group 3 are entitled to choose a max of 3 sessions per week.

  • Group 7 and Masters can attend any session, max of 2 sessions per week.
  • Where DTC or Masters billing is “DTC Or Masters One”, then only one session per week.
  • “DTC Two” are for those within DTC who only want to train during the autumn to winter season (Oct to end of Apr) and only one session per week.
  • For all the above, please see Membership Fees documents for billing information.



Friday session open to swimmers by prior agreement Group 3 & above Inc. Masters or by Head Coach agreement.


Bank Holidays - the Club as a general rule does not swim on Bank Holidays - 2023 = 1st Jan, 2nd Jan, 7th Apr, 10th Apr, 1st May, 8th May,  29th May, 28th Aug, 25th Dec, 26th Dec.


Pool Addresses: - https://uk.teamunify.com/team/erhbsc/page/swimmers-information/swimming-pools (members need to logon to view this)