Supporting charities within our local community

We are pleased to announce that the charity we will be supporting throughout 2020 is Hector's House

Voted for by our swimmers at the 2019 Christmas party, the charity was started when Hector Stringer took his own life at the age of 18. His family set up Hector’s House in his memory as a signposting charity, with the aim to stop suicide and the stigma around mental health issues.

Raise money and get involved - planned activity

We are looking forward to lots of opportunities to fundraise throughout the year, and hope that, with the continued support for our friends and families in the club, we will raise a substantial amount for this very worthy cause!

Previous years charity efforts

Throughout 2019 we supported Garden House Hospice.

A full report of our fundraising efforts can be found here.

Throughout 2018 we supported two charities; Up on Downs and Angels and Angels Support Group.

A full report of our fundraising efforts can be found here.