What is Masters Swimming?

Masters Swimming began in USA in the 70’s, when former ‘elite’ swimmers organised a competition for adult swimmers. Since then it has grown rapidly worldwide to include its own European and World Championships. A Masters swimmer is classified as a swimmer over 25 years of age. It incorporates and welcomes everyone no matter what the reason for swimming, promoting broad objectives of better health, fitness and friendships between swimmers with no compulsion to compete. It encompasses a whole range of ability from casual fitness to highly organised competitive swimming. However the attitude in Masters swimming is far more laid back than a mainstream regime that many swimmers are used to and can therefore be far more enjoyable.

Masters swimming is still part of British Swimming and Swim England, however they do swim under different rules, and have their own database on the British Swimming website.  The Swim England masters strategy reads ‘Masters swimming enforces lifelong participation, staying in the water and swimming for health prolonging life. The swimmers' personal goals may be just for fitness or competitive opportunities or elite performance’. This ethos is also supported by Sport England who say ‘Swimming has an important role in encouraging people to take part in physical activity which Masters swimming contributes to'.

Masters Swimming at Hitchin Swimming Club

Hitchin Swimming Club Masters Squad was formed in September 2014.  Whether you are interested in competing or just swimming for fitness, we offer a friendly and supportive environment for adults wishing to train together.

Our Masters squad is a small group with ages ranging from 18 year olds to the over fifties. We train twice a week at Hitchin Swimming Centre on a Monday and Friday morning from 6.30 to 8.00 am. We are very relaxed so if you need to finish earlier, there is no pressure at all.  All sessions are fully structured and coached by Lee Portingale, Head Coach.

If you are interested in joining HSC Masters, please contact us.