Junior Water Polo Section

The junior water polo section is for players aged generally between 14 and 18, and is open to both girls and boys. Anyone joining must have basic swimming skills, and will usually have reached level 7 on the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS).

The teaching of water polo for juniors follows a termly plan, during which players will develop basic water polo skills. Players will develop skills and techniques to enable them to achieve levels 8 - 10 of the NPTS. Players will receive awards and certificates as they progress.

Older players will be invited to participate in the senior sessions when they are old and strong enough to cope. Particularly talented players will be sign posted to Watford Water Polo Club, where they will be able to train with other talented players.

Junior water polo takes place at Hitchin Swimming Centre from 20:30 - 21:15. Players must join the ASA and Club (as ASA Cat 1 non-competitive swimmers) and pay, by standing order, a monthly fee of £12.