Club Policies

These documents form the basis of how the club operates. When your swimmer joins Hitchin Swimming Club, you will be asked to read the key policies and confirm that you and your swimmer accept the rules and processes set out in these documents.

Child Protection

We take child protection extremely seriously within the club and follow Swim England's guidelines. We are also a SwimMark accredited swimming club which sets minimum standards for child protection.

If you have any child protection concerns then please contact one of our welfare officers, Catherine Marshall and Matt Pilch.

The Club's Child Protection Policy describes the processes the Club has established to ensure that all members remain safe within our Club environment.. Or you can ring Swim England's own child protection service on 0808 100 4001.

All members are required to adhere to the Club's Codes of Conduct. Occasionally there are instances of misconduct. The Poolside Discipline  and Land training Discipline Policies sets out the processes to be followed in these circumstances. This is designed to ensure that all misconducts are treated fairly and consistently.

When a swimmer joins our Club, parents are asked if they wish to allow their swimmer to be  photographed/filmed. The Photography Policy sets out the rules regarding photography or filming of our swimmers and the publishing of such material.

Poolside Helper Guidelines

Gala Chaperone Guidelines

Volunteer Swimmer Guidelines

Adults and Children Training Together

Privacy & Data

The Club's Privacy Notice is published here

Under the Data Protection Act, Hitchin Swimming Club is an unincorporated Members Club and is therefore exempt from the Data Protection Register under certain conditions. ​The following Club policies set out how data is stored and used. Parents are asked to ensure that their data is kept up to date via their Team Unify account.

Data Protection

Keeping of Records

Equal Opportunities

Hitchin Swimming Club is an equal opportunities organization. We only ask that swimmers are sufficiently strong to be able to train in at least our development squad.

We support and follow Swim England's Code of Ethics, which covers issues of responsibility, humanity, relationships, commitment, co-operation, integrity, confidentiality, abuse of privilege, personal standards, safety, issues of competence and bullying.

Equality Policy

Other Policies

Squad fees are paid monthly by standing order. The Club does not accept payment by any other method including cash. The Refund Policy sets out circumstances under which members may be eligible for a refund of fees.

In order to function effectively and develop the activities of the Club, a level of unrestricted reserves is required.  The Reserves Policy sets out in more detail why these reserves are required, the current agreed levels and actions to be taken if reserves exceed or fall below agreed levels.

Hitchin Swimming Club strives to be an inclusive Club. The Hardship Fund was established to provide short term relief to members experiencing financial difficulty in order that they can keep training.  The Club's Hardship Fund Policy sets out who is eligible for such relief and how to apply for it.

There may be occasions when a member or parent may feel it necessary to raise an issue regarding particular matters within the Club. The Club may also have an occasion when they feel it necessary to raise an issue regarding the behaviour or actions of a swimmer, parent, Coach or Committee Member.  The Grievance Procedure sets out the process to be followed in such circumstances.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Hitchin Swimming Club seeks to play a positive role in the wider community within which it operates. We support special needs galas and the Hitchin Scouts’ gala. Any suggestions as to how we can play a wider role are welcomed and should be sent to i[email protected]