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Whilst training is critical to any swimmers routine, so is nutrition. It is important to give your body the fuel it needs to be able to compete. During a heavy training set you can burn a lot of calories and this will need to be replenished by eating the right type of food.

 See below for a list of helpful documents which will give you some guidelines on when and what to eat.

Avoid Illness

Carbohydrates for the Young Swimmer

Early Warning Signs of Disordered Eating

Eating on the Road

Energy Drinks- A No-No for Swimmers

Fast Food Breakfast

Fast Food Info


Post Training Nutrition

Pre-Training Nutrition

Tips for Meals Before Morning Practice

Top 30 Foods for Swimmers


Just because you have to eat healthy doesn't mean you have to eat boring. There are plenty of recipes out there that make healthy eating interesting. Why not check out some of the recipes below and try them out.