SwimMark Club

Welfare Officer

This role is essential in providing a first point of contact for children, parents and adults within the club who have a child safeguarding or welfare concern. In partnership with the club committee, the Welfare Officer ensures that the club is adopting and implementing child safeguarding policy and procedures which are necessary for it to demonstrate its duty of care to children.

The importance of the role cannot be underestimated – you may become involved in the most private aspects of a club member’s life and take part in meetings and discussions with the Police and Statutory Agencies in order to safeguard a child/children.

Swim England welfare officers use Wavepower as their reference guide at all times



Our Welfare Office is Georgie Ashdown     

[email protected]    


Georgie is contactable via email at any time you have concerns about any issues relating to you or another other person.

There are other organisations who can also assist if you need help:

Childline                                         0800 1111              www.childline.org.uk

The Child Protection in Sport Unit     0116 234 7278        www.thecpsu.org,uk

NSPCC  Child Protection Helpline      0808 800 5000        www.nspcc.org.uk


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