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Modernian Swimming Club Squad Structure

MSC Squad Structure is built to align with the Athlete Development Support Pathway (ADSP). There are five squads within the Club. The below criteria for each squad is designed to promote and encourage athletes in Bedfordshire to achieve Excellence in swimming. All Move ups are at the discretion of the Head Coach and Lead Age Group Coach. The Pathway between the groups and the high focus on skill and technique in the early years will allow swimmers to develop at a rate that sees them produce their best performances in the sport when it matters (18+).

If you are interested in joining one of the squads contact the Head Coach or the Membership Secretary for a trial.





Stage of ADSP



High Performance



Attend Minimum of 6 Sessions per week, Regional Qualifier, 13 Year Old Female/ 14 Year Old Male & Older, Must mirror OADF Characteristics, Must display a high level of technical skill & self motivation, Must compete in events directed by Head Coach.

Train to compete

12 hours 15



Aspiring to achieve Regional Qualifying time, 13 years & Over, Must mirror OADF Characteristics. Must display a high level of technical skill & Self-motivation, Must actively compete in Local & county level competitions directed by Head Coach.

Train to Train

10 hours

Age Group Performance 1


County Qualifier, 11 years & Over, Must mirror OADF Characteristics, Must be actively improving Performance technical skills, this should be at the forefront of focus. Attend a minimum of 4 sessions per week. The swimmer’s maturity will be considered in awarding a squad position.

Learn to Train

9 hours 45

Age Group Performance 2


First competitive squad on pathway - must show intention to compete in Local & County level competitions, Must be actively improving technical skills, this should be at the forefront of focus, Must attend minimum of 3 sessions per week, Must have achieved Criteria of ASA Club Award Must be working towards OADF Characteristics.

Swim Skills


Age Group Performance 3


Pre-Competitive - Must be able to achieve the criteria for Stage 2 of ASA Club Award Performance. Must be 11 years or younger to join this group. Must be working towards OADF Characteristics.

Swim Skills



 By invite only, age 16-24, maximum 5 sessions per week alongside High Performance

Train to compete


 By invite only, age 25 plus

Train to compete  


Optimum Athlete Development Framework (OADF)

OADF is a framework designed to create Future Performance Potential Athletes. These athletes define the character attributes of British Swimming’s next generation. They are looking to work with the club swimming fraternity to identify, and then develop a new and guaranteed supply of athletes. These athletes will be capable of being successfully transitioned over the medium to long term, to perform at the highest levels of world swimming. This Framework Highlights the Characteristics needed to succeed in the sport. As a club we use this model to decide the type of athletes we want in our squads.

Characteristics of a Performance Potential Athlete – (OADF)


THE ATHLETE is fully immersed in making the most of every aspect of being the best that they can be. They must remain enthusiastic about the sport and enjoy their Journey. They must have a supportive network that actively encourages their development regardless of Sporting Success.


THE ATHLETE is determined to achieve. Has Hunger and desire and displays a strong intrinsic motivation to achieve their goals. They also display a practical sense of what they can achieve. The Athlete does not see high performance as a Sacrifice, but a conscious decision to be the best they can be.


THE ATHLETE is inquisitive to always find out more and become a student of their sport. They are curious about Their performance, thrives on challenge, and believes there are few limits to their abilities and talent. The Athlete is always willing to explore new ideas and ways of doing things to gain a competitive edge. They have an outstanding appetite to consistently put in an enormous amount of effort and they stay grounded and continually take on a modest view of their own self-importance.


The ATHLETE thrives in the competitive environment, has the ability to always be at their best at the most important events of the season. They always focus their mind on the importance of their own individual performance and they have the ability to achieve the best result possible irrespective of the level of competition.


THE ATHLETE will Prioritise their Technical Development over everything in order to maximise their long term potential, they strive to go above and beyond to develop their technical ability. They demonstrate a high level of technical execution of all racing skills and they are viewed as a technically superior at their age and stage of development


The ATHLETE has effective communication skills to enable a positive coach/Athlete relationship. They will request, positively receive and act upon feedback.