Potters Bar Swimming Club

2023 - 2024 Club Captain:




The Club Captain role is an important one for the club. The expectation is that they take this role seriously and engage with the swimmers, coaches and executive committee to provide feedback from the swimmers. This role will be treated seriously, and any swimmers that aspire to this will need to discuss early with the coaches, and effectively apply for it. They need to be leaders and be part of the performance culture, and PBSC culture. They need to be seen as leaders-in-waiting and visible to the coaches, swimmers, and committee. They will meet with the committee before final selection.

The Swim England role description can be found here 



Past Captains


2022 - 2023 Girls Captain:

Keely White

2022 - 2023 Boys Captain:

Jack Barnard

2021 - 2022 Girls Captain:

Jess Heesom

2019 - 2020 Girls Captain:

Emily Lush

2019 - 2020 Boys Captain:

Thomas Stanbury


2018 - 2019 Girls Captain:

Amy Mason

2018 - 2019 Boys Captain:

Alfie Francis