Potters Bar Swimming Club

PBSC - COVID-19 By-Laws

Dated 24th January 2022 (change tracker at the bottom)

1.The swimmer / parents / guardians must agree to these by-laws if they want to swim with PBSC during the easing of the lockdown. There are no exceptions.

2.The Covid-19 by-laws are in place to protect our swimmers. These will be updated as the situation changes. An email will be issued to advise of any changes

3.When the pandemic is declared “over” by the UK government and Swim England, these by-laws will be removed. Some elements may have to remain, and the PBSC original by-laws will be updated to reflect that.

4.If a new change comes into effect during the easing of the lockdown, then the original acceptance of the by-laws by the swimmer still stands unless the swimmer advises otherwise. The swimmer has the right to suspend their membership with no penalty if they do not agree to the changes. They may return when the pandemic is declared over (note that some changes may have to remain as per by-law 3) and reapply for membership

5.Swimmers must re-register through our website and update their medical information. They are not allowed to swim if this has not been completed.

6.Swimmers swim at their own risk, the same as the normal non-Covid-19 programme

7.PBSC must abide by the numbers of swimmers per lane / session as advised by Swim England and the Pool Operators

8.All swimmers and parents / guardians must obey the social distancing guidelines appropriate at that point in time. These will be displayed at the swimming pools and on our website. This will change over time, and if you don’t agree with any changes, you have the right to stop swimming

9.All swimmers must obey the social distancing and changing etiquette as advised by the coaches and the pool operators - this will be made available when we are ready to return, and a notification will be issued

10.PBSC have the right to immediately suspend a swimmer if they are deemed to have breached the guidelines. Coaches and Volunteers will use common-sense but will not tolerate any repeat behaviour that puts people at risk.  The swimmer will be allowed to return when things return to a new-normal

12.​These processes and controls that the club have put in place are not open for discussion. The committee and coaches will review as information changes, but the swimmer and parents / guardians must respect that difficult decisions have been made in the interest of the whole club. If you do not agree with these, then please do not train with PBSC during this difficult situation. The club will respect your decision.

13. COVID Registration Agreements can be found here

14. Travel Restrictions and Return to the pool - if anyone travels abroad during the pandemic, then in order to return to training (and avoid any misunderstandings), you will need to contact the club on your return and confirm that you have quarantined if appropriate. You will not be allowed back in the pool until the government criteria has been met.
Please do not put our club at risk.
The club has the right to terminate your membership with immediate effect if the safety of the club has been put at risk. We may seek damages if any loses are incurred.


Change Tracker:

1st August - Change Tracker added, Registration Agreements added

28th August:

4 – “a space will be reserved for one calendar month after that date” changed to “and reapply for membership.”

11 – Removed “(initially 6 weeks)”

11 – Removed “Pay for what you train via monthly fee” as we are just charging a monthly fee

11th September - added bylaw 14 - Travel

26th March 2021 - No changes for the restart 12th April

24th January 2022 - 

Removed : 11.PBSC will allocate a training block per swimmer for a period of time (initially 6 weeks). The coaches decision is final. If you don't like your allocation, you have the right to suspend your swimming until we revert to a normal programme. The reasoning is:

i.Ensure all swimmers get the opportunity to train

ii.Ensure swimmers get rest and avoid over-training and the risk of injury

iii.Track-and-trace swimmers in the event of an outbreak

iv.Contain the number of swimmers