Potters Bar Swimming Club

PBSC Return to Training Rules

Dated 24th January 2022

We are using the Pool Facilities as normal - the rules below are not in effect.


Dated: 26th March 2021

These rules have been put in place to ensure the safety of our members and staff whilst social distancing measures continue. It is important that parents and swimmers read and understand these rules, as well as taking part in the Zoom calls prior to our return.

As guidance changes, these rules may change and the club will notify you of any changes.

-Swimmers will only turn up to train for their allocated pool sessions.If they do turn up for the wrong session then they will not be allowed to swim.

-Swimmers should be prompt to sessions. Building entry will be five minutes before your session starts. We can not let swimmers into the building earlier than this.

-Entry is via the main entrance and a volunteer will mark you in for the session. Parents are not allowed into the building unless they are volunteering. This may be different for parents with swimmers in the LTS section.

-Parents and Swimmers will observe social distancing in the car park.

-Swimmers can only access the poolside using the first aisle in the changing rooms. Please ensure you take off shoes before going through the changing rooms.

-Swimmers must follow the one way (clockwise) system around the poolside

-Use of the changing rooms is not currently permitted by our members, you will have changing stations allocated for each lane on the poolside.

-Social distancing laws must be maintained where possible.

-Swimmers must arrive at training with a costume on underneath clothes so they can change at their changing station on the poolside. The clothes should be suitable to throw on over the top of costumes once the session is over.

-Hats and goggles must be on before heading to your lanes.

-It is expected that swimmers know their lanes and understand changing and rest stations prior to training. Lanes will be set out in an email and will be the same throughout the first six weeks unless stated otherwise.

-Swimmers must maintain their place in their lanes and are not permitted to catch up with the swimmer in front. Overtaking is only to be coordinated by the coach, if appropriate.

-Swimmers should start and stop at their rest stations as best possible. When starting,swimmers should allow the swimmer in front at least a 5 metre gap. 5 metres should be maintained at all times when swimming.

-There will be a one way (clockwise) system in the changing rooms to access the toilets. One swimmer will be allowed to use the toilet at a time at the permission of the coach.

-When exiting the pool, swimmers exit one at a time from their rest station to the lane entry point and head to their changing station. There will be a short period for swimmers to dry off and put clothes over the top.

-Exiting the building will be via the fire exit at the learner pool and will be coordinated by one of the volunteers. We ask that parents with swimmers aged 9 or under should be collected from the fire exit door.

-Entry and Exit procedures must be closely followed at all times.

-In the event a swimmer feels sick or has a problem, they should exit the pool via their entry point and they will be assisted by one of our volunteers. There should be no stopping at the end of the lane whilst the rest of the lane is swimming.

- During these times we ask our swimmers to follow every instruction set out by the coaches and volunteers without question.

- Toilets – please follow the pool signage

- We respectfully ask swimmers not to do additional sessions in the pools to avoid disrupting the general public. Open Water swims are approved

-The coaches' decisions are final.

We understand that swimmers will want to socialise with friends, however this must be done whilst maintaining the Return to Training Rules. Any breaches of these rules, misbehaviour or  not listening to your coach may result in you being asked to leave the pool. We will be strict with these rules so we can ensure the procedures and safety of our members are maintained.


  • Changing Station- The allocated are for each lane of swimmers to change before and after training.
  • Entry Point- Each lane will have an entry point. This is where swimmers enter and exit the pool.
  • Rest Station- A designated stop point for each swimmer in the lane to help maintain social distancing

We request that swimmers and parents read this guide closely as the rules set out must be followed when training resumes. Anybody who is not following these rules may be asked to leave.

Furzefield Pool Diagram

The Venue Pool Diagram