Potters Bar Swimming Club

Safety Protocols

Dated: 26th March 2021

The Covid Liaison Officer can be contacted on [email protected]

-       Each session will have at least one independent volunteer poolside observer with the sole task of monitoring social distancing and wellbeing. This person will be in addition to coach and lifeguard.

-       Volunteers will be organized into a rota to cover all club training.

-       Any lapse in social distancing or agreed protocol should be pointed out to swimmer immediately. Repeated lapses should be reported back to the COVID Lead for recording and the offending swimmer will be refused further training.

-       After each session the poolside observer will record on a dedicated forum (email, WhatsApp or spreadsheet) any issues encountered during their session.

-       Swimmers must be allocated to a lane by the Head Coach. This lane should be considered their “swim bubble”. If a swimmer becomes unwell they must notify the COVID Lead and all swimmers in that bubble must not return to swimming for 14 days

-       If a swimmer is advised by their school that a member of their school bubble in unwell with COVID they must advise the COVID Lead and not return to the pool until they are allowed to return to school.


To assist policing:

-       Swimmers, coaches and volunteers must be symptom free, and will only train / support / coach if they continue to be symptom free and that they are returning to training fully aware of the risks associated with COVID-19.

-       Strict attendance records will be kept in order to assist with track and trace if necessary. By attending a training session it is assumed, by the club, that the parent/guardian is confirming that the swimmer is free from any COVID symptoms.

The Furzefield Risk Assessment can be found here

The Venue Risk Assessment can be found here

The Covid Liaison Officer can be contacted here on [email protected]