Potters Bar Swimming Club


Potters Bar Swimming Club – By Laws - 2022


1.    Membership

1.1.  New Members

The authority to elect new members (Rule 3.2) is delegated to the Membership Secretary.  However, any refusals of membership must be agreed by the Welfare Committee or the main Committee.

1.2.  Life Membership – this honour has been granted to 

  • Wray Shewell-Cooper
  • Paul Dudley

Life Members are not liable for any annual membership fees or training fees

1.3.  President

The President is elected annually at the AGM and is not liable for any annual membership fee or training fees


2.    Fees & Resignation

2.1.  Fee payment process

All fees are paid through our on-line billing system via credit / debit card. The only exception is to pay a year up front via cash/cheque/electronic transfer. 

2.2.  Fees breakdown

The fees are an annual fee, not a monthly pay-as-you-go, that covers all sessions per squad throughout the year. This includes public holidays where there is no training, and a reduction in training hours during the holiday periods of year-end, Easter, and summer. The fee is then calculated to 12 monthly payments for ease of payment.

2.3.  New Members

The members subscription fees shall be payable monthly (no discount is given for annual or quarterly payments). The members subscription fee shall be due on joining the club and thereafter on the 1st day of each month.

2.4.  Fee Reductions

Fees for existing members may be reduced at the discretion of the Membership Secretary in cases where a swimmer is physically unable to swim for a period.  This does not relate to those who choose not to swim and is aimed at those with a long-term injury or illness.

2.5.  Committee Members

The annual membership fee for each Committee Member (or long-term volunteer that doesn’t sit on the committee e.g. gala secretary) or one of their children is waived after completing one year’s service on the Committee.

2.6.  Gala Fees

All gala entry fees etc must be paid through the online billing. Gala fees will be invoiced to the member account when the host club has confirmed entry to avoid having to pay refunds. Once invoiced, the fees will be debited on the 1st of the following month. There are no exceptions to this.

2.7.  Non-payment of fees

Members who fail to pay two months fees will be suspended from all swimming activities. This will come into effect one month after the 2nd fees letters have been sent unless there are special circumstances that have been notified to and agreed by the Club Committee. The decision to suspend a member from swimming activities will be made by the Committee at the first available committee meeting after the deadline for payment has passed. For clarity fees letters include notifications by email.

2.8.  Resignation

2.8.1. A member wishing to resign membership of the Club must give to the Membership Secretary one month’s written notice of his/her resignation at the beginning of the calendar month.

2.8.2. The fees for this month will be due. 

2.8.3. A member’s resignation shall only take effect when this (Rule 6.1) has been complied with.

2.8.4. The member who resigns from the Club in accordance with Rule 6.1 above shall not be entitled to have any part of the annual ASA membership fee or any other fees returned.” 

2.8.5. Members subscription fees will continue to be due until notice has been given.

2.9.  Arrears

Notwithstanding the provisions of Rule 6.1 above a member whose membership fee is more than two months in arrears shall be deemed to have resigned. Where the membership of a member shall be terminated in this way, he/she may be informed in writing that he/she is no longer a member by notice handed to him/she or sent by post to their last known address.

2.10.               Fee Liability

Although our billing system automatically debits your card for the fees, it is not infallible. If there is a failure (or multiple failures) to collect fees, you are still liable for the fees as we are a community not-for-profit club and can't survive without fees being paid. We do try to identify where there are issues and contact you, however, as we are volunteers, this may not happen in a timely manner. In the event of an issue, we will work with you to resolve the problem. We expect that you are aware of the fees leaving your card, and hope you will contact us in the event of an issue.

2.11.               Re-Joining

If a member decides to re-join the club within 3 months of resigning, fees will be due as if the membership was not interrupted.

2.12.               Exams Term

There are no reduction of fees to swimmers that are doing GCSE or A-Level exams. The club would prefer the swimmer to continue swimming in the relevant squad for health benefits, with reduced pressure to attend and compete.


3.    University Membership

3.1.    For members who are away at university / college for most of the year, there is a one-off annual fee payable in September, or monthly fee via our billing system which entitles the student to swim as many sessions as they want whenever they are home. The swimmer must have been training at University and be at a suitable fitness level to swim with the Performance and High-Performance squads. 

3.2.    Eligibility for this scheme must be agreed annually by the Chief Coach and the main Committee.

3.3.    The swimmer must be available to swim team meets where possible

3.4.    If a student is home for long periods of time, they will be asked to pay fees reflective of their attendance and be moved to the relevant squad (Club / Masters / etc). 


4.    Masters

4.1.  Eligibility

Masters must be 18 years or older, although a squad swimmer 17+ (depending on the circumstance) may join any session with the agreement of the Masters coach.

4.2.  Fee Structure 

Masters can opt to swim either two or three-plus sessions per week and this is reflected in the fee structure.


5.    Courses

5.1.  Club Funding

The club will fund / partly fund members, coaches, teachers, officials and officers for the following courses:-

  • Assistant Teachers and Assistant Coaching Course (Level 1) – the club will fund 50% of the course (but not the exam fee), on the understanding that the teacher is available to teach for the Club.  The Club will not contribute towards any further qualifications. Furthermore, the following process must be followed:
  • Request to commence volunteer teaching (LTS Coordinator and Committee)
  • Commit to doing 12 hours voluntary, then 36 hours continuous teaching post-qualification (within reason)
  • Complete / pass the course
  • Complete 36 hours paid teaching at the agreed rate
  • Apply for refund (proof of payment required)
  • Life Saving Course – this is by committee approval only and will need to fill a club requirement
  • Swim England Officials Courses – the club will pay for any Timekeepers, Judges or Referees courses and exams
  • Swim England Courses – the club will pay for any ASA courses relating to the development of the club.


6.    Travel and Accommodation Expenses

Only in exceptional circumstances and with the prior approval by the Committee will travel, accommodation or any other expenses be paid by the Club.


7.    Open Meets

7.1.  Club Supported Open Meets

Members are free to apply to enter any Open Meets, however the Chief Coach and the Open Meet Secretary will agree a list of Open Meets to support and advertise to members.

7.2.  Club Unsupported Meets

This can be found at this link

7.3.  Coaches

The Chief Coach will appoint a Coach for each session of each Club supported Open Meet at which PBSC has competing swimmers.

7.4.  Coaches Passes

A Coach’s pass will only be purchased for Club supported Open Meets, where the club has a significant number of swimmers.


8.    Parental / Guardian Attendance during Training – 10 and Under

A parent or Guardian must be in attendance at the pool during training sessions for all 9 and under swimmers. Exceptions only through approval by the coaching staff


9.    Medical

All allergies and medical conditions must be declared and recorded on the swimmers profile on their account on our website. The information is only viewable by the member, coaching staff, and system administrator. The system is GDPR compliant.

If a swimmer requires an epi-pen or similar, a parent / guardian must be available during training in the event of any issues.


10. Dispute Resolution:

  • All incidents in breach of our Codes of Conduct, SE WavePower, and Constitution will be recorded in an email to the parents/guardians regardless of mitigating circumstances. In the event of a suspension, the member and parent/guardian will have to sign an agreement statement that they will abide by the rules to be allowed back in the water.
  • Any costs incurred through damage to property will be billed to the member.
  • If someone is suspended, and they breach again, then they will have to leave the club. 
  • Club Captains will be demoted if the