Potters Bar Swimming Club

All club members are expected to comply with the following 'Code of Conduct' guidelines while taking part in any club activities.

General behaviour – this code of conduct applies at all times when participating at the club.

  1. Treat all members of and persons associated with Swim England and other associated groups, with due dignity and respect.
  2. Treat everyone equally and never discriminate against another person associated with the club on any grounds including that of age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin or nationality.
  3. The use of inappropriate or abusive language, bullying, harassment, or physical violence will not be tolerated and will result in action being taken through the club disciplinary or child welfare policy. 
  4. Display a high standard of behaviour at all times. You are role models, and younger members will be looking up to you. Always report any poor behaviour by others to an appropriate Club Official. 
  5. Recognise and celebrate the good performance and success of fellow Club and team members.
  6. Comply with the codes, rules and laws set out by Swim England
  7. Observe the authority and decisions of all officials
  8. Be respectful and ensure you adhere to this code of conduct when using shared facilities with other groups and members of the public.
  9. Respect the facilities – any damage to the facilities will be charged to the swimmer(s), and sanctions will be applied.

Swimming training

  1. Treat your Coach/Teacher and fellow Swimmers with respect. 
  2. Make your Coach/Teacher aware if you have difficulties in attending training sessions as laid down for your squad. 
  3. Arrive 10 mins on poolside before the training session starts to complete poolside warm up as directed by your Coach/Teacher. 
  4. If you arrive late report to your Coach/Teacher before entering the pool. 
  5. Ensure you have all your equipment with you, i.e. paddles; kick boards, hats, goggles, a drink, etc. 
  6. If you need to leave the pool for any reason during training inform your Coach/Teacher before doing so. 
  7. Listen to what your Coach/Teacher is telling you at all times and obey instructions given. 
  8. Always swim to the wall as you do in a race, and practice turns as instructed. 
  9. Do not stop and stand in the lane, or obstruct others from completing their training. 
  10. Swimmers should not interfere with other swimmers in their lane. If others are faster the swimmer should let them overtake at the end of the length so as not to hinder them. Swimmers should not pull on other swimmers legs.
  11. The warm-up is NOT a race - it is for warming up.
  12. Do not pull on the ropes as this may injure other Swimmers. 
  13. Do not skip lengths or sets - you are only cheating yourself. 
  14. Think about what you are doing during training and if you have any problems discuss them with your Coach/Teacher at an appropriate time. 
  15. If you have any problems with the behaviour of fellow members report them at the time to an appropriate adult / coach. 
  16. Swimmers must move carefully and safely around the poolside - no running, pushing swimmers into the water or throwing in objects.
  17. Respect the property of other swimmers and the equipment provided.
  18. Medication should not be taken poolside unless under parental guidance. The club cannot provide any medication for swimmers. 


  1. At competitions whether they be open meets, national events or club galas always behave in a manner that shows respect to both your Coach, officials, members and team mates and the members of all competing clubs. 
  2. You will be required to attend events and galas that the Head Coach has entered/selected you for unless previously agreed otherwise with the relevant Club Committee member and Coach. 
  3. When representing the club at galas and competitions remember that the club's reputation depends on the way swimmers behave. This Code of Conduct applies at all times when participating in such events. 
  4. You must wear appropriate swimwear, tracksuits, T shirts/shorts and hats as laid down by Potters Bar Swimming Club. 
  5. Report to your Coach and / or Team Manager on arrival on poolside. 
  6. Warm-up before the event as directed by the Coach and ensure you fully prepare yourself for the race. 
  7. Be Part of the Team. Stay with the Team on poolside. If you have to leave poolside for any reason, ensure you inform and in some cases get the consent of the Team Manager / Coach, before doing so. 
  8. After your race report to your coach for feedback. 
  9. Support your team mates. Everyone likes to be supported and they will be supporting you. 
  10. Swim down after the race, if possible, as advised by your Coach. Your behaviour in the swim down facility must be appropriate and respectful to other users at all times. 
  11. Never leave an event until either the gala is complete or you have the explicit agreement of the Coach or Team Manager.
  12. Treat other competitors and teams with respect in victory and defeat 


With limited training times, we cannot afford coaches wasting session time continually disciplining swimmers and if necessary, we will enlist the support of parents in resolving behavioural issues.

  • Swimmers disrupting sessions for whatever reason will be issued an initial warning by the coach.  Swimmers continuing to ignore the warning will be asked to leave the pool.
  • A letter will be sent home and the offender may only be allowed to attend subsequent sessions with a parent present, whilst the problem continues.
  • More serious breaches of the Code of Conduct will be reported to the Chairman / Secretary of the club and the matter will be discussed at the next committee meeting.
  • The Committee have the right to decide on any matters not covered in the Code of Conduct.
  • The failure of any member to continually comply with all of the code of conduct will result in sanctions being taken under the club rules which may result in permanent or temporary exclusion from training sessions.
  • In accordance with the club's Constitution, only the Committee can ultimately expel a swimmer, a decision not taken lightly but taken in the interests of the safety and well-being of the swimmers and club as a whole.
  • Damage to facilities will be charged to the swimmer, and appropriate sanctions applied.


  • To continue to be a part of the PBSC Club, I accept the PBSC Code of Conduct