Potters Bar Swimming Club

Performance Squads

Transition to Performance (T2P)

For swimmers that have been promoted from the Junior squad into Performance. This will give the Head Coach the opportunity to work with the new swimmers and prepare them for the next steps to performance swimming. This ties in with the ADSP with the “Learn to Train” – Swim Skills, Technique, harder workload, increased fitness demands.

This squad will support the following:

  1. Age-groups 10-Plus to 14
  2. Promotion from the Junior Squads
  3. Promotion to the Performance Squad
  4. Promotion to the High-Performance Squad

Swimmers can transition from this squad direct to the High-Performance Squad if the Head Coach feels this is suitable and supports the swimmer. Transition from this squad is wholly at the discretion of the Head Coach.

Performance (Perf)

The purpose of this squad is to develop skills and training techniques, and develop fitness - “Training to Train”, and provide a stepping-stone to high-performance competition.

The expectation is to swim up to 4 times a week within a specific set of sessions, compete at club champs, and a couple of Open meets per year to retain competitive capabilities. Swimmers may swim more than 4 sessions; however, they may be at the level of commitment to transition to the High-Performance Squad.

Where required, this will also give swimmers the opportunity to step back a little (perhaps from High-Performance) to focus on education, but continue to develop skills, retain fitness, and provide an opportunity to transition back to High-Performance swimming as-and-when. Swimmers may transition from the High-Performance Squad to this squad to support their education and non-swimming aspects of their life.

This squad is to support the following:

  1. Age-groups 14-Plus (13’s may be considered)
  2. GCSE swimmers
  3. Reduce competition pressure
  4. Reduce attendance pressure (less than 4 times per week
  5. A-Level Students 16-18
  6. Restricted sessions

High Performance (HiPer)

The purpose of this squad is to support the athlete that has the aspirations and desire to become an elite swimmer, helping them along this pathway. This will support the ADSP with “Training to Compete” - preparation for high-performance competition. This squad can then focus on developing into National Athletes and beyond.

  1. Entry to the High-Performance squads is by invitation only. Swimmers in these squads will be committed to training and have aspirations to attain National and Regional Qualifying times.
  2. Swimmers will be expected to participate in the Club Championships, attend a minimum of two open meets per year and represent the Club in team galas when selected.
  3. There is a minimum training requirement of a minimum of 4 sessions per week, which must include one morning session.
  4. For those swimmers aiming to achieve National Qualifying times must understand that they need to be attending most sessions as well as participating in the PBSC Land Training Programme.
  5. If swimmers struggle to meet these requirements, they will be asked to swim with the Performance squad to reduce pressure on themselves until they are ready to commit further.

Transition to/from this squad is wholly at the discretion of the Head Coach, and will be discussed with the swimmer and Parent/Guardian.

Land Training for Performance Squads

As part of the new Performance Squad setup we will be providing a land session for each of our Performance Squads.

The land training sessions will focus around providing Swimmers with the tools and information they need to be able to carry out land based exercises in order to aid performance in the pool.

Land Training sessions will focus on these key areas:

  • Flexibility- developing Swimmers range of movement for increased performance and reducing the risk of injury.
  • Core Strength- Focusing on the muscles of the torso including abdominal and back muscles. Particular area's this will help improve is the dolphin kick, streamlining and rotating on Freestyle.
  • Plyometric Training- Training our explosive areas of our swimming, I.E starts and turns.

Over 16's who want to work with resistance weights in their training programme can work with a trainer on developing a land programme that will aid their strength and performance in the pool.